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February 17th, 2022

Life Erotic is a stunning website that focuses on the beauty of a woman and the way she can pleasure herself. The beautiful women that make up the site know that the site focuses on softcore scenes, fetishes, and lesbian and solo action. It feels like a high-class site and it doesn’t have anything hardcore on it. The scenes are beautifully set with fantastic camera angles and lighting. There is no skimping on quality. The girls were all very comfortable with their displays of eroticism and orgasms. You can get The Life Erotic discount for 84% off

With your Life Erotic membership, you will have unlimited access to all of the videos that have been shot in high definition. You will also have all of the photosets at your fingertips and they are packed full of high-resolution images. They bring you new content every day so when you log in there’s always something waiting for you. Your membership also includes free live sex chats that are mind-blowing. You will also be able to use the site with your mobile device. I also really enjoyed the custom user interface.


August 28th, 2012



Just when I had thought I had seen every Asian teen site out there I find Cat XOXO. This girl is hot and I do mean hot. Like, she should be a Hawaiian Tropics Girl or something!

It is odd how Asian babes always have the hottest bodies. They can be forty years old and their bodies still look like they are twenty-three. More importantly, they can be twenty-three and still look like jailbait! has plenty of videos of this cutie and lots of photo sets. She gets wet in bikinis and panties so she also has many pics and videos with camel toe showing.

The girls in her network do live cam shows and she gives you total access to their videos and picture sets as well. It is time to dive in and see what pops up with Cat XoXo!

Joon Mali Jungle Bunny

January 17th, 2012


Yes I realize Vietnam was a long time ago and I also realize that Joon Mali is not Vietnamese…. But fuck me if she isn’t exactly what guys in the Vietnamese jungle were dreaming about when they found the time to catch some sleep!

This little bubble butt Asian teen is the Queen of the Camel Toe. You won’t find an Asian teen with a more inviting pussy. It is puffy and juicy as they come!

Of course you can’t bring up the term Camel Toe without having an example:


Joon Mali enjoys taking pics in wet bikinis and tight panties that get devoured by her teen pussy! Matched with her spunky attitude you can almost feel the years pealing away… You actually feel younger just looking at her!

Take the tour and see what I am talking about!

American Asian Girls – Charmane and Selena

October 6th, 2011


Asian American Girls has some of the sexiest Asian American Girls on the net today, here are just two examples.  First there is Charmane Star, just fucking gorgeous, who cares what nationality she is, hell who cares is she used to be a man.  She is that sexy.  That perfectly toned body and beautiful face, where can you go wrong here.  Now she does have the tail of two pussies, this picture of her pussy mound is pure perfection, but she does have a little flappiness on her lips, very little I am still in love with it just not the same level of perfection.


Now Selena is a different story, she looks every bit Chinese through and through, funny thing about her tits though.  I usually am not a fan of fake tits on younger girls, but their is something about they way her nipples were set in opposite directions that brings me to like Selena from American Asian Girls.  She is definitely a hot looking Chinese chick, nice body and pretty face with a meaty pussy, but those north and south nipples are what make me want to fuck this girl.  Don’t know why, but I will go with it.

Oriental Orgy – Niya

September 17th, 2011


I don’t know exactly what it is but I am absolutely infatuated with Niya, she is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  Oriental Orgy features a lot of American Asian looking chicks which I appreciate but it is Niya who is capturing my imagination.


The sexiest pic I have seen of Niya is of her in her panties and with her boobs exposed.  It is also at Oriental Orgy, I will make you look for that one.  This time I decided to go in a naughtier direction, I hope you appreciate this Asian Teen.

Me and My Asian – Singaporean Chick

September 13th, 2011


Me and My Asian depicts amateur Asian Teens who either took a picture for their boyfriends or had their picture taken by their boyfriends.  I don’t care either way because the results are the same, one gets mad at the other and beautiful naked pictures are posted.

Me and My Asian is one of the more popular amateur sites around, which means you get the hotter chicks on it.  Popularity is key when it comes to having individuals post pictures, so see what popularity feels like and join Me and My Asian today.

Kina Kai

July 20th, 2011


Its weird… You see a blonde white girl smoking and you think to yourself, stupid, naive girl… But when you see an Asian hottie like Kina Kai smoking you think, damn, this girl knows something… She is on to something… I need to get into her pants!


Kina Kai is not only a hot Asian model, she is an artist. Every one of her sets features her expressing herself to her fans. From boots to spanking, this girl is all about experimen-tation!

You won’t find a Filipina model more in tune with her members. As a member you can make requests, buy props, buy costumes and have Kina sign them for you. She talk to her members and considers her site more of a community than a porn site.

In fact, Kina Kai doesn’t consider getting naked porn, she considers it a lifestyle.

Are you ready to change your life? Join Kina Kai!

Sasha Yung – Asian Schoolgirl

March 22nd, 2011

Sasha Yung2 Sasha Yung_schoolgirl

While I labeled this Asian schoolgirl, Sasha Yung can be anything you want her to be. She just opened her brand new site and already the response is amazing!

Sasha Yung is the offspring of a Chinese/Filipino mother and an All-American dad. I have to say, I really like these kinds of mixes. The daughters always turn out super freaking hawt!

Like most Asian teens Sasha has learned the art of keeping a man happy. She knows all of the ways a good girl can please a man. She loves to play dress up to keep things kinky and explosive in bed!

Take the tour and explore her uncharted waters!

Tia Ling

February 7th, 2011

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Ever wondered how those Asian girls working for the airlines worked off their stress from a hard days work? Tia Ling is here to show you exactly how they "work it" and relieve themselves!

Tia Ling has created some of the hottest Asian porn and has it all in her members area. Whether you simply enjoy all things Asian or specifically Korean women, Tia’s little frame does wonders when it comes to satisfying your appetite!

The site updates with several picture sets and a video each week and with your members access you can keep in contact with this Asian beauty!

Me and My Asian – Horny Asian Babe

September 7th, 2010


One of the most intriguing things about sites like Me and My Asian, is trying to figure out the background.  This is clearly a bathroom, and it is obviously mommy and daddy’s house.  Why else would she be in the bathroom, door locks and people normally leave you alone.

So back to our search, does this bathroom look familiar.  I have many Asian friends and yes I want to fuck all of their daughters and wives, so I reference these pictures from Me and My Asian often to compare them to my friends houses.  There is no more leverage than telling an Asian Teen that you can make an arrangement so her daddy doesn’t find out about her pictures, this works with Asian wives as well. 

So get your membership today to Me and My Asian and begin your Asian Teen pussy conquest today.

Tia Ling : Asians Masturbating Videos

August 10th, 2010


Any guy that has gone to a car show looking for that sweet, delectable Asian pussy is looking for a girl like Tia Ling. She is a swinger and her swinging ways introduced her to a porn mogul who signed her up and the rest is history. Now we all get to watch her masturbate, have sex with her lesbian girlfriends and smoke cock like a porn star!

Not only that, members get all of her contact information and she loves to here from you. She even loves to fuck you! Tia Ling fucks her fans on occasion and puts the videos up for all to see. Now that is my kind of porn star. She isn’t just a distant fantasy, Tia Ling is an in your face reality! updates her site every week and updates include a video and usually two picture sets. She does hardcore and leaves nothing to the imagination. The next time you attend an adult convention hit her up. Tia is very personable. I met her at one and I have to say… She was a bit grabby!

Hot Teen Asian – Sanya

July 14th, 2010


I just recently discovered Hot Teen Asian and I must say it is quickly becoming one of my favorite Asian Teen sites on the net.

The Asian teen girls that are on Hot Teen Asian have a certain innocence to them, to me it is that presumed innocence that is exciting. Look at that cute face with small perfect tits, the velvet hair on the vagina is my personal favorite.  Let me tell you Sanya is definitely silky smooth, that is a perfect velvet shot here.

I often rub the velveteen hair on the vagina of the Asian teen girl I am with, it looses it silkiness with age so this is truly something saved for Hot Teen Asian girls.  So go and rub some velvet at Hot Teen Asian today.

Asian Sexy Teens – Nan

April 27th, 2010

I did it all for the nookie, and Asian Sexy Teens is providing the cookie. You gotta hear a Fred Durst reference and go what the fuck?  I wrote and said what the fuck? But I sure luv an Asian Teen cookie…

Fuck I love Asian Teens, and Nan is one fine piece of Asian ass.  Nice boobies… Perfectly trimmed pussy… Nice ass…  Check on all counts. Face doesn’t matter with a body like that, but this little Asian Teen is cute to boot.

Asian Sexy Teens has several sexy little Asian Teen sluts like Nan to fulfill you fantasy, no cocks here.  Just little Asian Teens pleasuring themselves while thinking about you.  

Unseen Japan – Mimi

April 20th, 2010


Had to bring you this picture because I love the way she is kissing my dick.  I have been to Unseen Japan many times, but only to see the beautiful Japanese Teens in softcore pictures.

To my surprise and amazement I found this section of the site and my dick hasn’t been happier.  These little Asian Teens are featured in some nice Hardcore video’s, I just love young sexy, tan Japanese Teens with those eyes looking at me while kissing my dick.

Cum to Unseen Japan and watch this sexy little Asian Teen take a load in her mouth.  They offer a week long trial that will only spark your excitement. Unseen Japan has been unseen no more, I came and saw.  How about you?   

Joon Mali – The O.G. Asian Idol

February 17th, 2010



You should expect a bit of spontaneity from your Asian Idols and I have to say, Joon Mali delivers.  She is vibrant and young, has a bubble butt and a fun attitude. Oh, and she thinks camel toes are just as hot as you do.

Joon Mali began her site while 18 years old. Over the years she has been amassing a large archive of Thai teen content. She loves to get naked and like I said earlier, she loves to show off her camel toe. Her wet bikini and panty videos are to die for!

With an all year tan and a petite body, Joon Mali is the perfect model for close ups and high resolution photography. The site is loaded with her galleries and videos with her getting fully nude.

You can download her galleries as ZIP files and each galleries matching video is encoded in a variety of formats. There are no restrictions so join Joon Mali and get cracking on them downloads!