Asian Teen Rusya

July 31st, 2012


So what if I Heart Babes isn’t packed with Asian teens. Just having Rusya is plenty enough for me. I saw her in the tour and a few seconds later… I was a member!

The members area is populated with a ton of non-Asian girls you might have seen before like Cierra Spice and Aston Richards. While I have to admit I rubbed one off on each of them the second day as a member, I saved all of my sperm for Rusya that first day!



So what does this Asian teen have that others don’t? How can one Asian girl anchor an entire site? Well, it isn’t that she has huge tits. Like most Asian girls she has small ones.

No… It was her pussy. She has one of the hottest, smoothest, pinkest Asian pussies I have ever seen. Her lips are like pink rose petals!




I spent all night and into the morning dreaming of creaming inside her Asian pussy!

I Heart Babes has a strange update schedule. Some months they update several times a week and others several times a month. But when it does update, the new photos and videos are plenty worth the wait!

Joon Mali Jungle Bunny

January 17th, 2012


Yes I realize Vietnam was a long time ago and I also realize that Joon Mali is not Vietnamese…. But fuck me if she isn’t exactly what guys in the Vietnamese jungle were dreaming about when they found the time to catch some sleep!

This little bubble butt Asian teen is the Queen of the Camel Toe. You won’t find an Asian teen with a more inviting pussy. It is puffy and juicy as they come!

Of course you can’t bring up the term Camel Toe without having an example:


Joon Mali enjoys taking pics in wet bikinis and tight panties that get devoured by her teen pussy! Matched with her spunky attitude you can almost feel the years pealing away… You actually feel younger just looking at her!

Take the tour and see what I am talking about!

Joon Mali – The O.G. Asian Idol

February 17th, 2010



You should expect a bit of spontaneity from your Asian Idols and I have to say, Joon Mali delivers.  She is vibrant and young, has a bubble butt and a fun attitude. Oh, and she thinks camel toes are just as hot as you do.

Joon Mali began her site while 18 years old. Over the years she has been amassing a large archive of Thai teen content. She loves to get naked and like I said earlier, she loves to show off her camel toe. Her wet bikini and panty videos are to die for!

With an all year tan and a petite body, Joon Mali is the perfect model for close ups and high resolution photography. The site is loaded with her galleries and videos with her getting fully nude.

You can download her galleries as ZIP files and each galleries matching video is encoded in a variety of formats. There are no restrictions so join Joon Mali and get cracking on them downloads!

Joon Mali

December 11th, 2008


When you think, “Asian Idol”, certain attributes come to mind. Small tits, almond eyes, youthful appearanceBubble butt… Bubble what?

Joon Mali is just about the only Asian Idol around with a bubble butt. While her boobs and the majority of her body conform to the norm, her booty is bootylicious!

Right after her Bubble Butt, Joon Mali is well known for her camel toe pics. It seems her shaved pussy has an undying hunger for her panties and bikini bottoms. updates weekly with new pics and videos. She has lots of candid pics in her diary entries and members get to Email Joon. Be a nice guy with her, she is still learning English. Of course, that is the sexiest part about talking to this Thai teen!

Joon Mali

July 26th, 2008

Some crotch shots are better when you cannot see everything. Today’s cute Asian teen idol Joon Mali proves that point. Her galleries are full of teasing photos of her Asian pussy just out of view. But, don’t worry, Joon Mali gets naked too!

Anyone into hot Asian teens that like to prance around in panties will enjoy Her cute bubble butt defies all belief. An Asian teen with an ass? OK, it is only like 30 inches around but her waist is like 18 inches so you do the math… Ratio wise her figure is spot on.

Joon has small tits with sexy nipples. Her tits are perky and mixed with her shaved beaver she is barely legal. Her eyes are dark with a glaring shine. Very exotic!

Joon Mali is Thai and her accent sounds damn sexy for anyone into Asian accents. That accent makes every one of her videos a keeper. Especially the one in which she makes out with her fellow Asian teen idol Lily Koh!