MET-ART Hits Pacific Islands

July 26th, 2011


I remember reading a story once about a woman that used to brush her clit up against things. Like Aziza from Met-Art she had a clit that protruded more out to the front than most girls down and out.

This woman said she was able to orgasm just by dancing close to her man on the dance floor or by rubbing her clit on a table edge, or on the corner of an operating washing machine.

MET-Art has thousands of models from around the world. Aziza hails from somewhere in the Pacific. In America we would consider her an Asian teen. In Asian they would consider her a Pacific Islander.

With daily updates at MET-Art you can expect to see a lot of girls from both Asian countries and the Pacific Islands. Like pre-America explorers you can spend your days sifting through the archives looking for girls that float your boat.

At Met-Art you can create portfolios so you can keep coming back to favorites. Photos are shot up to 50 megapixels. In that kind of resolution Aziza’s clit can take up your entire monitor. Did she shave or wax today? Just zoom in and you’ll have your answer in a jiffy!

Kina Kai

July 20th, 2011


Its weird… You see a blonde white girl smoking and you think to yourself, stupid, naive girl… But when you see an Asian hottie like Kina Kai smoking you think, damn, this girl knows something… She is on to something… I need to get into her pants!


Kina Kai is not only a hot Asian model, she is an artist. Every one of her sets features her expressing herself to her fans. From boots to spanking, this girl is all about experimen-tation!

You won’t find a Filipina model more in tune with her members. As a member you can make requests, buy props, buy costumes and have Kina sign them for you. She talk to her members and considers her site more of a community than a porn site.

In fact, Kina Kai doesn’t consider getting naked porn, she considers it a lifestyle.

Are you ready to change your life? Join Kina Kai!

JAVHQ Mari Yamada

July 5th, 2011


Japan is an awesome place for guys into banging young hotties that are totally legal. It is the one place where there is an entire culture dedicated to young looking women dressed up to look like teenagers. Girls who do so are called Asian idols.

Of course there are plenty of barely legal girls like Mari Yamada to bang too. Asian teens with a knack for making you cum! JAVHQ is one of the largest networks of Japanese adult videos. As the name suggests everything is shot in high definition so you can count each and every goose pimple on an Asian teens nipple!