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April 30th, 2016


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Asian Gymnast In Tiny Leotard

January 13th, 2015

Asian Gymnast Gets Seduced By Instructor. This video is offered free from hardcoreinhd.com

If there is one thing the Asian porn industry has over the US it is the ability to portray a girl who truly does not want to have sex, but is forced into it. This could be because of the fact that US laws against forced sex are so strong nobody wants to be seen as the guy who promoted rape. But with the help of the Japanese and other parts of Asia this version of events can still be promoted in a lighthearted way.

Watch this hot Asian babe stretching and twisting in her tiny leotard. You can see her pussy straining underneath as it tries to break the thin confines. She eventually has a visitor who is more interested in helping her pussy out than he is watching the show before him.

Cute Asian Fuck Box Kaylee Le Gets Her Pierced Pussy Eaten And Fucked

April 2nd, 2014

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When you want hot Asian porn tube videos you have to give Fapto.xxx a try. They have hundreds of thousands of high definition videos with the hottest Asian teens in porn like Kaylee Le. This spicy little fuck box has a pierced clit and a tight pussy.

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And that is just what this guy did when she spread her tight snatch open for him.

Hot Asian Teen Taking Selfies In Mirror

March 30th, 2014

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Why is this hot Asian teen taking selfies in the mirror? She is trying to find guys to date her. Now that she found Amateur Match it is highly likely that she will get her wish. Guys frequent the site looking for hot betties like her to fuck. With her pulling her bra down like she is it lets the guys know that she is down to fuck. There are lots of little tricks like these you can learn about adult dating profile pics.

The guy that got the ball rolling on all of this adult dating stuff is Allan Henning. He put the AmateurMatch.com site together to help facilitate the ability for consensual singles to have uninhibited sex when and where ever they wanted.

To say that Allan’s baby has spawned an empire of adult dating sites wouldn’t do it justice. That is because he is also doing webcams so you can skip the entire relationship and just get right to the fucking part. You don’t even need introductions.

Another reason to give webcams a try is that they allow you to jump in the sack with girls you wouldn’t normally score with. It is the best way to bang a girl without getting caught!

Crazy Japanese Hidden Camera Video

July 3rd, 2013


The Japanese are awesome. They are always finding new ways to one-up the competition. One thing they do very well is capture upskirt videos in some pretty insane ways. They will do all sorts of stuff like rig a Hello Kitty video game with hidden cameras to look up unsuspecting schoolgirl’s skirts. They also do stuff like put hidden cameras on the floors and seats inside photo booths. Girls always go into those without thinking about modesty. Plus they are built so small that three girls in there at once is going to show a lot of Asian teen panties.

With just your cell phone or a tablet you can start streaming high quality videos from the XNXX mobile porn library. There are hundreds of thousands of videos. Some are high production and others are homemade like this one. No matter how they were produced they are always hot and free.

The next time you are looking for some quick clips or super long videos of mobile porn keep XNXX in your mind. They have almost every porn video known to mankind in mobile format.

The Black Alley Asian Teens In Panties

October 22nd, 2012


It is a very odd name for an Asian site. The Black Alley has been open since 2007 creating some very high quality Asian porn. Everything is shot in extreme resolutions there. These lower quality samples don’t do justice to what is waiting for you inside the members area.

The Black Alley is an off shoot of their original site Asian 4 You. As a member you get daily updates, plus you also get access to the archives of Asian 4 You!

All of the new content is shot exclusively for The Black Alley. You will not find it anywhere else. They have over 100 models and each one does several photo sets and videos. If you like high definition Asian porn they have you covered!

G-Queen Ran Nagayama

June 1st, 2012


Ever heard of G-Queen? This is one of my favorite Asian teen sites… ever!

I was a big fan of an American teen site named ALS Scan. The premise of the site was that All Ladies were Shaved. At G-Queen all of the Asian teens are shaved down to what they had when God made them.

Girls lick each other, prod each other, get groped, have things inserted into their pussies and more. Most everything is shot in extreme close ups and in extreme HD!

If you like schoolgirls, bondage, forced insertion, or just about any other micro niche made popular in Japan this site will be right up your alley!

Asian Truth or Dare?

January 24th, 2012


One of my favorite games in the whole wide world is called truth or dare. You now the one. You and a girl exchange alternating turns where the person "it" chooses to confirm a statement about them as true or false, or chooses to perform a dare of the askers choosing.

This game is a favorite of mine because it often turns sexual!

My next door neighbors were Asian and their daughter looked so fucking hot and exotic to me. No surprise really. Most Asian teens are hot. What surprised me was that she considered me exotic too!

We developed some pretty hefty crushes on each other over the years and one day we decided to act on them.

I went over to her house while her mom and dad were out for the evening. After twenty minutes or so I asked her if she was up for a game of truth or dare and she said sure.

Things started out simple enough and quickly got out of hand when I dared her to take off her top and she complied! To my utter amazement I was staring at her boobies. No bra. Just her perky tits and hard nipples!

She giggled a lot and alternated between covering her young boobs and letting me see them. Then she leaned back and put her hands out to hold herself up letting me know her boobies were here to stay.

It was my turn and I chose truth. She got a foolishly mad look on her face like I wasn’t being fair and then asked, "Is it true that you like looking at my naked boobies?" I confirmed and she also wanted truth.

"Is it true that you like showing me your boobs?" I asked her.

She confirmed that is was true and I chose dare. My Asian princess dared me to take off my shirt too. I did so and she wanted another truth.

So I asked, "Is it true you want to see me without my shorts on?"

"True!" She exclaimed with a giggle.

"Dare," I responded.

"I dare you to take off your shorts," she requested. I stood up and did a little dance while pulled them off for her. My boxers could barely restrain my hardon and when she saw it she let out a big wow!

As the game progressed we ended up naked. After some truth questions about how we felt about each other we began exploring each other’s bodies.

Not all of the girls at Club Seventeen are Asian. The ones they do have though are hotter than hell! Super cute, super perky and very fun!

The site updates daily and has been online for over a decade. The magazine that spawned the site has been around since the 70’s!

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Asian Idol Jiji

December 14th, 2011


I have a thing for Asian idols. My friends call it the yellow fever or the Asian persuasion. I can’t help it. Ever since I was a kid I thought the Asian girls in my class were ten times hotter than any other race.

One thing I began to notice about the Asian teens I was dating back in high school is that, for the most part, their moms all looked like they were barely old enough to be in college!

That was a deal sealer for me. Hey, I watched The Breakfast Club. I know it is important to look at a girl’s mother before you commit. Even skinny girls can end up being fat girls when they are forty!

Jiji isn’t fat and I doubt she ever will be. This Asian teen has some very perky A-Cup boobies and they will always stand at attention. No at-ease here, sir!

Total Super Cuties isn’t loaded with Asian teens by any means, but the few it does have are Total Super Cuties!

Nubiles Natalya Asian Teen

November 26th, 2011


In her native country Natalya from Nubiles.net is what Americans would call a plain Jane. However, in America, Europe, and Russia Natalya is an exotic beauty. Isn’t it just awesome how that all works out?

Strangely enough Nubiles found this Asian teen in Russia of all places. Seems they imported her for her language skills and she enjoyed all of the flattery she received. So Natalya decided to stay!

Natalya isn’t her real name. Her real one was too hard for Russians to pronounce so they gave her a new one.

This little hottie has a cherub body and a sweet, succulent pussy that she loves to play with in her spare time. Nubiles has multiple videos of Natalya showing you the various ways she pleasures herself. They include ben-wa balls videos!

Now I am not going to lie to you and say that Nubiles is all about Asian teens. It isn’t! There are over 1000 models and three new ones are added every week. Out of the 1000 models there are a handful of Asian girls like Palova, Amai and Tai Lee.

With so many models Nubiles updates three times a day. That means new videos and pictures for you to look at in a steady stream of barely legal girls. The models do hardcore and softcore so pretty much every niche you can think of is there.

Take the Nubiles.net tour and use the search feature to get a good look at what is in store for you!

Cute Asian Girl Masturbating

April 1st, 2011


Todays’ video incorporates a lot of fantasies into one tight package. First off, it has an Asian teen masturbating. That is alwasy a plus. Next, she starts out rubbing herself with her satin panties on. Nothing like watching a girl slip a hand under her waistband! Finally, she takes the panties off and inserts her fingers into her tight pussy!

Real Asian Exposed features hot Asian teens having sex on camera for the first time. They don’t use professionals so you never know what you will get. Sometimes you get a girl that is experienced and other times you get that submissive girl that is wondering if mom and dad will find out. LOL

Joon Mali

November 24th, 2010


Why do we like Asian teen idols so much? Let’s break it down, shall we?

– First, there are the panty shots… Plus, lots of camel toe!
– Second, small, yet perky, tits!
– Third, tight little bodies you can saver!
– And a Joon Mali bonus, a bubble butt waiting for a spanking!

If you like seeing a hot Thai teen in bright clothing with tons of camel toe pics, and lots of wet bikini shots and videos, Joon Mali is going to make you a happy camper!

She updates her site several times a week and has both picture sets and videos of her with her friends too. Nothing beats a Thai teen like two Thai teens getting hot with each other!

So make your next Asian teen membership a password to Joon Mali and enjoy one of God’s most beautiful creations!

Mia Lynn – Mia Crush

November 29th, 2009


Mia Lynn from Mia Crush is one of my favorite Asian idols… Even if she isn’t technical an idol. She was born in the States and lives in California. Porn capitol of the world.

The reason Mia is a favorite Asian for me is her size and the way she teases. Being a bit bigger than most Asian teens, Mia has nice wide hips and big tits. When the time comes she won’t have a problem popping out babies or keeping their tummies full of milk.

One of Mia’s turn-ons is money. Sometimes I wish I could win the lottery and marry this girl!

Mia Crush is part of a large network of sites that included both big tits and small tits models. They even have a point of view site that deals with panty teasing.

Francine Dee – Asian Babe

January 30th, 2009

Yea! I found the internets most extensive reality show from the house of Francine Dee called the Definition of a Women. There are live cams running 24 a day 7 days a week to fulfill all your voyeuristic pleasures. We will be able to go behind the scenes to to be part of viewing the most stunning Asian babe I have ever seen. Francine Dee will fill the lead in any mans pencil. She is not a hardcore Asian babe model but I will tell you by just seeing those alluring sexy eyes with her perfect flowing brown hair just made my the hair on the back of my neck stand up in chills. And her perfectly shaped figure with mouth watering large smooth ample breasts with the smallest perky nipples. Her body will make your mind wander to the nastiest pleasures you would want Francine Dee to do to you.

A little info on Francine Dee, At twenty years old she started modeling. Her first modeling jobs were calendar shoots. It was when she did the her calendar shoot for Pacific Coast Happas that introduced her to the import scene. The company was promoting it at car shows events. Because of the great response she received is why she knew modeling was for her.  When Francine Dee made a name for herself was when she got into glamour photography working with different magazines. Francine Dee is now the Definition of a Women.

Now Francine Dee how her own website named after her FrancineDee.com that has many features to really get to know this Asian babe. Some features include Live chat, house cams, video blog, personal journal, and many others. Just come on in take the FrancineDee.com tour and check out all the features available. Absolutely her best part of her site is the photos, with fashion clothes and the best pics are definitely her nude ones. So don’t forget your FrancineDee.com full access pass of all  this live action for mere $24.95 a month.

Asian Teen Pictures Club

January 14th, 2009


With Christmas having past there are a lot of teenage Asian girls with cameras. Those girls like to take pictures of themselves wearing bikinis, panties, next to nothing and often nothing at all!

Asian Teen Pictures Club is where all of these pictures eventually end up. You used to have to add a few candid Asian pics or videos to gain access to the collection, but now there is an easier way… Especially if you don’t have a convenient way of getting candid Asian pics.

For just under $30 you can access the Asian Teen Pictures Club members area along with the members areas for the Ebony club, the POV facials club and the general amateurs candid pics club too.

These sites are updated daily with new pics and videos. Everything is categorized so you can find the particular flavor of Asian doing the particular sex act you are interested in.

Finding candid, amateur Asian porn couldn’t get any easier!