Young Asian GFs

March 28th, 2011


For the most part, Asian fathers are pretty strict with their Asian teen girls. They have very tight curfews, rules about how they dress and they often monitor their Internet usage with a fine tooth comb.

Even with all of these restrictions in place many girls still manage to fuck up and at Young Asian GFs they catalog all of the photos and amateur Asian videos that make it onto the web.

In some cases it is true that you could find this stuff yourself with hours and hours of trolling the Internet. I guess you are going to have to ask yourself, is it worth that much time to get this stuff for free or should you get it all and be 100% satisfied, while saving yourself from the consequences of spending that much of your life glued to the computer?!?!

Unless you are a lottery winner and don’t have a family the answer is Young Asian GFs! Don’t stay up until 3am looking for that pic or video that is going to make or break your satisfaction level when they are giving you hundreds of pics and videos on a weekly basis!

Dirty Orientals – Jesse Samui

March 24th, 2011


I recently visited Dirty Orientals website, I found some positives and negatives as is generally the case with web sites.   Then negatives were the quality of the pictures, which after I thought it through and made up my own back story that negative turned positive for me. 

What I am elating to is that in looking at these sexy little Filipina and Thai teens that these kind of pictures and videos are reminiscent of  an Asian tour.  The pictures on this site reminded me of my own tour, only this guy was smart enough to document it.  That instantly gave the pictures credibility in my mind.  Now the positives about Dirty Orientals are the videos ore a lot crisper and you really get to see the sexiness of these Asian Teens.

The final thing that I like about Dirty Orientals is that the girls appear to be mainly Filipina and Thai which to me are two of the sexiest Asian nationalities.   Ok, gotta go spank it at Dirty Orientals, see you there just don’t cross the streams.

Sasha Yung – Asian Schoolgirl

March 22nd, 2011

Sasha Yung2 Sasha Yung_schoolgirl

While I labeled this Asian schoolgirl, Sasha Yung can be anything you want her to be. She just opened her brand new site and already the response is amazing!

Sasha Yung is the offspring of a Chinese/Filipino mother and an All-American dad. I have to say, I really like these kinds of mixes. The daughters always turn out super freaking hawt!

Like most Asian teens Sasha has learned the art of keeping a man happy. She knows all of the ways a good girl can please a man. She loves to play dress up to keep things kinky and explosive in bed!

Take the tour and explore her uncharted waters!

Hot Teen Asian – Achara

March 15th, 2011


Now this is what I am talking about, when I am doing my everyday search for porn.  This is it, Hot Teen Asian has the Asian Teens that I get excited about and Achara is exactly the type of Asian Teen I am searching for.

Achara has nice small breast, nice tight shaven pussy, cute small little ass and her face is beautiful.  What else could you ask for?   So if this is your type of Asian Teen then go visit Hot Teen Asian and see what other beauties await.

My Cute Asian – Natural Breast

March 15th, 2011


When it comes to Asian girls I admit I am into the skinny little cum catchers, don’t know what it is but small tits and a tight cute butts at My cute Asian just gets me. 

As I have continue to visit My Cute Asian website I cum across girls like this, she is not the normal type of chick I am searching for, but sometimes when searching for that release and looking at Asian Teens you have to venture away from the norm, I believe it is called getting some strange.  So I switched hands and now have a new forbidden love at My Cute Asian

Me and My Asian – Korean Chick

March 11th, 2011


Oh now here we are, cute little Korean teen a hotel room and boyfriend who knows about Me and My Asian.

Watch these videos of this cute little teen taking it from behind, you Me and My Asian will all have the the time of our lives.  It is time to go take a look at all of the Asian Teens who trusted someone not to share the pictures because it is their special arrangement.

Japanese Cosplay Chika Ishihara

March 1st, 2011


If there is one place in the porn climate where the Japanese have excelled past all others it is in the genre of Cosplay. Perhaps it is because Japanese girls have super model bodies? Sure, they might not be six feet tall, but with a ninety pound frame on a five foot, four inch girl you end up with the same height to weight ratio.

Japanese Cosplay has evolved into an art form. Taking already cute Asian idols and dressing them up in costumes can truly be a fantasy come true!

Watch the videos and we are sure you will fall in love with Chika Ishihara, just one of over 1,400 models! Things get even better with because they also give you access to their other sites like Idols 69 and Japanese Nurse! You are literally seconds away from daily video updates and thousands of videos in the archives!