My Cute Asian – Horny Thai Chick

July 26th, 2010


There are serious pro’s and con’s when it comes to doing the Pacific Tour, the pro’s…  You get to bang these little Sexy Thai Teen and Filipino chicks like the ones featured on My Cute Asians that are used to getting fucked by guys with 2 1/2 inch penises.

You think you re fucking  virgin each time when you bang a Thai Teen who is been fucked mainly by mainlanders. It’s very nice.  the con’s are Thailand is second in the nation for HIV, and the Philippines per capita are not far behind.  So you get to meet chicks like on My Cute Asian and have the time of your life, but then you have to worry for the next 6 to 24 months while continuously taking tests.  The Pacific tour is not worth it, I love my Thai Teens and Filipina chicks as much as the next guy.  But the stress of waiting to be sure you are clear is not worth it.


So I suggest you do like me, join My Cute Asian and enjoy from a far.  Having had that personal experience I would rather have the visual satisfaction without the stress of wondering if you are going to die. Save your life an thousands of dollars by visiting My Cute Asian.   

Hot Teen Asian – Sanya

July 14th, 2010


I just recently discovered Hot Teen Asian and I must say it is quickly becoming one of my favorite Asian Teen sites on the net.

The Asian teen girls that are on Hot Teen Asian have a certain innocence to them, to me it is that presumed innocence that is exciting. Look at that cute face with small perfect tits, the velvet hair on the vagina is my personal favorite.  Let me tell you Sanya is definitely silky smooth, that is a perfect velvet shot here.

I often rub the velveteen hair on the vagina of the Asian teen girl I am with, it looses it silkiness with age so this is truly something saved for Hot Teen Asian girls.  So go and rub some velvet at Hot Teen Asian today.

Oriental Orgy – Bella Ling

July 4th, 2010


As many of you I spend a lot of time searching for that perfect Asian Teen to finish my day with, so I come across Bella Ling at Oriental Orgy.

My first thought is she is nice looking…  But my personal preference is a mixed American Asian looking chick…  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Asian Teens of all varieties, but when I am looking to finish that is my choice. 

So back to my searching, I am visiting this site called Oriental Orgy, they have all kinds of the chicks I am looking for Keanna, Nadi, and Tia Tanaka who is my favorite Asian. But when I came across Bella Ling, I decided to click the gallery which I normally wouldn’t when in finishing mode.  I found this picture an the found love. 

This picture makes want to go to the local strip/sports bar and shoot some pool with my local masseuse.  Oriental Orgy has broaden my horizon, it can broaden yours.