Mia Lynn – Mia Crush

November 29th, 2009


Mia Lynn from Mia Crush is one of my favorite Asian idols… Even if she isn’t technical an idol. She was born in the States and lives in California. Porn capitol of the world.

The reason Mia is a favorite Asian for me is her size and the way she teases. Being a bit bigger than most Asian teens, Mia has nice wide hips and big tits. When the time comes she won’t have a problem popping out babies or keeping their tummies full of milk.

One of Mia’s turn-ons is money. Sometimes I wish I could win the lottery and marry this girl!

Mia Crush is part of a large network of sites that included both big tits and small tits models. They even have a point of view site that deals with panty teasing.

Asian Teens – Saori Hara – School Girl

November 14th, 2009


Sure she is hot, but her brother is a sumo wrestler that doesn’t take kindly to the idea of anything other than a Japanese man banging his sister. Hey, I’d stick up for you and tell him you are different from those “other guys”, but then I enjoy having all of my teeth. Thank you.

Her name is Saori Hara and she is one sweet Asian teen. She looks very tall for a Japanese girl but she is only 5’5”. Her big tits and long legs almost give the impression she can kick your ass. I kind of like that. I have been so – so bad lately!

Saori is just one of hundreds of Asian teens getting naked and having hardcore Japanese sex at JAV Model. She has ten movies there. Most of the models have multiple movies and when I say movies I mean it. Not scenes cut from movies. I am talking an hour or more long DVDs!

JAV Model breaks the archives down into categories and by performer. Every couple of days new DVD’s are added to the members area. JAV Model is perfect for anyone into watching Asian teens having sex, as well as, being into Asian idols!