Tight Pussy Asian Porn Reviews

June 29th, 2015

Wet Japan Swimsuit

If I was to ask you to conjure in your mind the naughtiest Asian sites you have ever been to I am sure you would have those crazy Japanese and Thai girls on your mind. Reason being is painfully obvious, and I say painful because the mere thought of it makes your cock throb. These are the girls with the tightest looking pussies!

It is no secret that Asian girls are typically petite in both size and stature. Their little boobies are perky even when they are over the hill. Half of the time you don’t even know if an Asian girl is eighteen or thirty-eight. They hold their youth so well.

With Asian porn site reviews like Thai Hookers, Wet Japan Swimsuit and Japan Spandex Fuck Vids you can be assured that there will be plenty of Asian tight pussies to be had on Porn World!

Nude Asian Idol Galleries Updated Daily

February 10th, 2015


When it comes to Asian girls and nudity you cannot go wrong frequenting my new hot spot for finding nude Asian idol galleries: SnBabes.com.

The site is split up into categories based on the erotic porn sites and softcore porn sites the photo galleries came from. Some of the erotic sites like Nubile Films and X-Art send in their hardcore galleries along with softcore pics. This gives you a nice mix of both to view at your own leisure.

You don’t have to join anything to view the porn. It is all viewable with just about anything that has a web browser including most new web enabled HDTV’s.

Find your hot nude babes of the Asian persuasion on SnBabes!

Asian Girls Want You To Fuck Them

July 30th, 2014

beautiful asian girls looking for love and hot sex in europe

Asian girls have it harder then most other girls do. They often grow up in families where the girls are supposed to be prim and proper while the boys can pretty much do anything they want to. While it usually works out nice if the girls get married right out of high school there can be problems once the girls enter higher education or move out of the house as legal adults.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the UK’s best spot to find hot Asian girls that want you to fuck them. It is called I Want U and it is like a university for learning how to find women to fuck and a cattle call that puts them all within fingertips reach.

Make a free account and read the useful tips on both the home page and the blog posts. They will help you to score more girls. It all starts at http://www.iwantu.com where hot Asian girls go to play!

Find Out Where Hot Asian Girls That Want To Shag Are Hiding!

May 9th, 2014

find out where the Asian girls that like to shag are hiding

Shagaholic is by far the best way to find out where eager Asian girls looking to shag are hiding. The site has millions of members and is growing by thousands more every day. Using this dating site to find Asian girls in the UK is the best way to get laid. The only thing more effective is to live in an Asian country.

Where most free dating sites leave you feeling stranded once you get an account Shagaholic is full of good information you can find even before getting into the members area. They even have a blog devoted to giving you tips on getting dates.

Just about the only thing I would have to warn you about is that the Asian teens on www.shagaholic.com are not the stereo-typical girls you have come to know on TV or in your everyday life. These girls are animals in the bed and they aren’t looking for long term relationships. So if all of that sounds good to you go ahead and signup for a free account.

Have Live Sex With Asian Cam Girls

November 6th, 2013

Have Live Sex With Asian Cam Girls

Sweet-fucking-woo, dude!

Asian cam girls have the hottest fucking bodies. I swear it is like they don’t even have to workout to be hotties. They have some of the best genetics in the world. Plus, their beauty sticks with them for years. No, make that decades!

Having live sex chats with girls half way around the world is pretty cool. Think about it. These girls are from countries where the dollar stretches pretty far. This makes it so that Asian cam girls are willing to stretch out their hardcore kinkiness for you. Anything to please you, papa san!

That isn’t to say that there aren’t any good Asian girls in the states. I have come across quite a few of them that I wouldn’t turn away. When I am looking for skin to skin contact I use Asian Love Line for Asian dating. The girls aren’t all uppity looking for doctors and lawyers to marry. They are total sluts looking for a quick lay with no strings attached. Just how I want my Asian girls!

Cute Asian babe in red bikini outfit

June 20th, 2013


Man… I don’t know how to brake it to you guys but these Asian chicks from youngpornmovies.com really did a number on me. I keep thinking about them all the time, even when I’m dried out. All of them are giving us straight looks like they’re about to jump right on top of us and devour our cocks. You can see it from this Asian babe’s face and how she’s looking at us that she can’t wait to get serious with us. Well… are you going to keep her waiting? You know that you should leave someone like her waiting for too long.. someone might get her before you.

Find true Asian teens on the only network that had them from all over the orient. Girls even hail from the Pacific islands. If you have a case of the yellow fever they have hot Asian girls that will inoculate your cock with some ancient Chinese secret sauce.


August 28th, 2012



Just when I had thought I had seen every Asian teen site out there I find Cat XOXO. This girl is hot and I do mean hot. Like, she should be a Hawaiian Tropics Girl or something!

It is odd how Asian babes always have the hottest bodies. They can be forty years old and their bodies still look like they are twenty-three. More importantly, they can be twenty-three and still look like jailbait!

CatXOXO.com has plenty of videos of this cutie and lots of photo sets. She gets wet in bikinis and panties so she also has many pics and videos with camel toe showing.

The girls in her network do live cam shows and she gives you total access to their videos and picture sets as well. It is time to dive in and see what pops up with Cat XoXo!

Asian Teen Rusya

July 31st, 2012


So what if I Heart Babes isn’t packed with Asian teens. Just having Rusya is plenty enough for me. I saw her in the tour and a few seconds later… I was a member!

The members area is populated with a ton of non-Asian girls you might have seen before like Cierra Spice and Aston Richards. While I have to admit I rubbed one off on each of them the second day as a member, I saved all of my sperm for Rusya that first day!



So what does this Asian teen have that others don’t? How can one Asian girl anchor an entire site? Well, it isn’t that she has huge tits. Like most Asian girls she has small ones.

No… It was her pussy. She has one of the hottest, smoothest, pinkest Asian pussies I have ever seen. Her lips are like pink rose petals!




I spent all night and into the morning dreaming of creaming inside her Asian pussy!

I Heart Babes has a strange update schedule. Some months they update several times a week and others several times a month. But when it does update, the new photos and videos are plenty worth the wait!

Joon Mali Jungle Bunny

January 17th, 2012


Yes I realize Vietnam was a long time ago and I also realize that Joon Mali is not Vietnamese…. But fuck me if she isn’t exactly what guys in the Vietnamese jungle were dreaming about when they found the time to catch some sleep!

This little bubble butt Asian teen is the Queen of the Camel Toe. You won’t find an Asian teen with a more inviting pussy. It is puffy and juicy as they come!

Of course you can’t bring up the term Camel Toe without having an example:


Joon Mali enjoys taking pics in wet bikinis and tight panties that get devoured by her teen pussy! Matched with her spunky attitude you can almost feel the years pealing away… You actually feel younger just looking at her!

Take the JoonMali.com tour and see what I am talking about!

Kina Kai

July 20th, 2011


Its weird… You see a blonde white girl smoking and you think to yourself, stupid, naive girl… But when you see an Asian hottie like Kina Kai smoking you think, damn, this girl knows something… She is on to something… I need to get into her pants!


Kina Kai is not only a hot Asian model, she is an artist. Every one of her sets features her expressing herself to her fans. From boots to spanking, this girl is all about experimen-tation!

You won’t find a Filipina model more in tune with her members. As a member you can make requests, buy props, buy costumes and have Kina sign them for you. She talk to her members and considers her site more of a community than a porn site.

In fact, Kina Kai doesn’t consider getting naked porn, she considers it a lifestyle.

Are you ready to change your life? Join Kina Kai!

Japanese Cosplay Chika Ishihara

March 1st, 2011


If there is one place in the porn climate where the Japanese have excelled past all others it is in the genre of Cosplay. Perhaps it is because Japanese girls have super model bodies? Sure, they might not be six feet tall, but with a ninety pound frame on a five foot, four inch girl you end up with the same height to weight ratio.

Japanese Cosplay has evolved into an art form. Taking already cute Asian idols and dressing them up in costumes can truly be a fantasy come true!

Watch the videos and we are sure you will fall in love with Chika Ishihara, just one of over 1,400 models! Things get even better with JCosplay.com because they also give you access to their other sites like Idols 69 and Japanese Nurse! You are literally seconds away from daily video updates and thousands of videos in the archives!

Joon Mali

November 24th, 2010


Why do we like Asian teen idols so much? Let’s break it down, shall we?

– First, there are the panty shots… Plus, lots of camel toe!
– Second, small, yet perky, tits!
– Third, tight little bodies you can saver!
– And a Joon Mali bonus, a bubble butt waiting for a spanking!

If you like seeing a hot Thai teen in bright clothing with tons of camel toe pics, and lots of wet bikini shots and videos, Joon Mali is going to make you a happy camper!

She updates her site several times a week and has both picture sets and videos of her with her friends too. Nothing beats a Thai teen like two Thai teens getting hot with each other!

So make your next Asian teen membership a password to Joon Mali and enjoy one of God’s most beautiful creations!

Joon Mali – The O.G. Asian Idol

February 17th, 2010



You should expect a bit of spontaneity from your Asian Idols and I have to say, Joon Mali delivers.  She is vibrant and young, has a bubble butt and a fun attitude. Oh, and she thinks camel toes are just as hot as you do.

Joon Mali began her site while 18 years old. Over the years she has been amassing a large archive of Thai teen content. She loves to get naked and like I said earlier, she loves to show off her camel toe. Her wet bikini and panty videos are to die for!

With an all year tan and a petite body, Joon Mali is the perfect model for close ups and high resolution photography. The site is loaded with her galleries and videos with her getting fully nude.

You can download her galleries as ZIP files and each galleries matching video is encoded in a variety of formats. There are no restrictions so join Joon Mali and get cracking on them downloads!

Idols 69 – Ai Kurosawa

February 2nd, 2010

Ai Kurasawa Naughty Asian Babe Is Getting Her Pussy Poked

I have been receiving a lot of requests for girls in bikinis lately. Seems some of you have a bikini fetish and Ai Kurosawa might just be the answer for your swimsuit desire!

You can see Ai Kurosawa at Idols 69 where she has nine videos. I especially like her shower video. Her body is so perfect and her tits are so pert that she is like an angel!

In the videos above she is groped and prodded by three guys in her class. My friends and I once had a girl we got drunk and high back in school. She didn’t seem to mind all of the extra attention and we had our way with her.

Idols 69 specializes in Asian idols and Japanese porn. They have clips and full DVD’s in every niche imaginable. You can search by model names, body types, genres, categories and more. You can also access all of their other sites in their network!

Jasmine Mai

April 21st, 2009


Currently Jasmine Mai is the leading Import Model on the East Coast. After spending some time at the Exxotica show in Miami she might branch out and show us what is hiding underneath that micro-bikini of hers!

BTW, I have no idea who block-head is in that picture and it certainly isn’t me.


Seriously… I cannot wait to see this Asian hottie take her clothes off!

Jasmine is half Chinese and half Filipino. She was born in the Bay Area in California but prefers the fast paced world of New York City.

Like most Asian girls Jasmine Mai is full of that Asian zing. She can’t sit down and always has to have a camera on her. Not a bad combination when you look as good as she does. Who wouldn’t want to take this girls photo?

You can see plenty of free pics of Jasmine on her Myspace page. She even has dozens of videos!