Asian Truth or Dare?

January 24th, 2012


One of my favorite games in the whole wide world is called truth or dare. You now the one. You and a girl exchange alternating turns where the person "it" chooses to confirm a statement about them as true or false, or chooses to perform a dare of the askers choosing.

This game is a favorite of mine because it often turns sexual!

My next door neighbors were Asian and their daughter looked so fucking hot and exotic to me. No surprise really. Most Asian teens are hot. What surprised me was that she considered me exotic too!

We developed some pretty hefty crushes on each other over the years and one day we decided to act on them.

I went over to her house while her mom and dad were out for the evening. After twenty minutes or so I asked her if she was up for a game of truth or dare and she said sure.

Things started out simple enough and quickly got out of hand when I dared her to take off her top and she complied! To my utter amazement I was staring at her boobies. No bra. Just her perky tits and hard nipples!

She giggled a lot and alternated between covering her young boobs and letting me see them. Then she leaned back and put her hands out to hold herself up letting me know her boobies were here to stay.

It was my turn and I chose truth. She got a foolishly mad look on her face like I wasn’t being fair and then asked, "Is it true that you like looking at my naked boobies?" I confirmed and she also wanted truth.

"Is it true that you like showing me your boobs?" I asked her.

She confirmed that is was true and I chose dare. My Asian princess dared me to take off my shirt too. I did so and she wanted another truth.

So I asked, "Is it true you want to see me without my shorts on?"

"True!" She exclaimed with a giggle.

"Dare," I responded.

"I dare you to take off your shorts," she requested. I stood up and did a little dance while pulled them off for her. My boxers could barely restrain my hardon and when she saw it she let out a big wow!

As the game progressed we ended up naked. After some truth questions about how we felt about each other we began exploring each other’s bodies.

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Joon Mali Jungle Bunny

January 17th, 2012


Yes I realize Vietnam was a long time ago and I also realize that Joon Mali is not Vietnamese…. But fuck me if she isn’t exactly what guys in the Vietnamese jungle were dreaming about when they found the time to catch some sleep!

This little bubble butt Asian teen is the Queen of the Camel Toe. You won’t find an Asian teen with a more inviting pussy. It is puffy and juicy as they come!

Of course you can’t bring up the term Camel Toe without having an example:


Joon Mali enjoys taking pics in wet bikinis and tight panties that get devoured by her teen pussy! Matched with her spunky attitude you can almost feel the years pealing away… You actually feel younger just looking at her!

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Kat from Radiant Desire

January 10th, 2012


Radiant Desire is right!

This little nubile Asian teen is just one of the hottest teens you can expect to find at Radiant Desire. They find the cutest babes on the planet and shoot them in an artistic way. Put it all together and you end up with a sum greater than its parts!


The entire site isn’t filled with Asian teens, but the Asian girls it does have are hotties. Funny… Most Asian girls are hot. What in the fuck is up with that?

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