Francine Dee – Asian Babe

January 30th, 2009

Yea! I found the internets most extensive reality show from the house of Francine Dee called the Definition of a Women. There are live cams running 24 a day 7 days a week to fulfill all your voyeuristic pleasures. We will be able to go behind the scenes to to be part of viewing the most stunning Asian babe I have ever seen. Francine Dee will fill the lead in any mans pencil. She is not a hardcore Asian babe model but I will tell you by just seeing those alluring sexy eyes with her perfect flowing brown hair just made my the hair on the back of my neck stand up in chills. And her perfectly shaped figure with mouth watering large smooth ample breasts with the smallest perky nipples. Her body will make your mind wander to the nastiest pleasures you would want Francine Dee to do to you.

A little info on Francine Dee, At twenty years old she started modeling. Her first modeling jobs were calendar shoots. It was when she did the her calendar shoot for Pacific Coast Happas that introduced her to the import scene. The company was promoting it at car shows events. Because of the great response she received is why she knew modeling was for her.  When Francine Dee made a name for herself was when she got into glamour photography working with different magazines. Francine Dee is now the Definition of a Women.

Now Francine Dee how her own website named after her that has many features to really get to know this Asian babe. Some features include Live chat, house cams, video blog, personal journal, and many others. Just come on in take the tour and check out all the features available. Absolutely her best part of her site is the photos, with fashion clothes and the best pics are definitely her nude ones. So don’t forget your full access pass of all  this live action for mere $24.95 a month.

Asian Pervert

January 19th, 2009


Asian Perverts is a site for perverted men that like it when a girl knows her place in society. All of the girls look like little Asian idols but deep down inside them they have a secret waiting to get out. Not only do they crave sex, they crave giving sexual gratification to men!

It is because of girls like these that Asian sex tours exist. You save all year or even for a few years to meet Asian Perverts. Now you don’t have to save at all!

Take the $2.95 trial and you can access Plus, you get access to their entire network. Girl 2 School Girl is my personal favorite. If you are the kind of guy that likes Thai pussy you will really enjoy! And, to keep things interesting you also get more site in non-Asian niches.

Asian Teen Pictures Club

January 14th, 2009


With Christmas having past there are a lot of teenage Asian girls with cameras. Those girls like to take pictures of themselves wearing bikinis, panties, next to nothing and often nothing at all!

Asian Teen Pictures Club is where all of these pictures eventually end up. You used to have to add a few candid Asian pics or videos to gain access to the collection, but now there is an easier way… Especially if you don’t have a convenient way of getting candid Asian pics.

For just under $30 you can access the Asian Teen Pictures Club members area along with the members areas for the Ebony club, the POV facials club and the general amateurs candid pics club too.

These sites are updated daily with new pics and videos. Everything is categorized so you can find the particular flavor of Asian doing the particular sex act you are interested in.

Finding candid, amateur Asian porn couldn’t get any easier!

Teen Filipina

January 5th, 2009


You most likely got here by searching for something like Asian preteen (which we don’t do) or Asian puffy nipples, which we do, do. No matter how you got here it is time to review Teen Filipina. They have all of your Asian teen needs covered. So long as they are Filipina Asian teen needs…

I am not going to pretend that I don’t know why guys like these kinds of sites and neither should you. Guys like them because the Asian girls on them look a lot younger than they are. And who among us wouldn’t want to bang a barely legal Teen Filipina?

Teen Filipina updates daily with fresh new Filipina girls. When I say fresh I mean barely legal. In addition to the Filipina girls they now have Thais too! And since everything is being shot in the gutter of the world, it is as hardcore and filthy as being there in real life!