Just Julee

October 23rd, 2009


You know she is from the Philippines when her name fails the spell checker on my blogging software. Just Julee is one of five sites in the Pacific Glamour network. A network comprised of four Asian idol sites, one multi-girl Asian site and one multi-girl American girls site.

Obviously the girls like Just Julee carry this network. Her small tits and awesome tan are characteristic of Filipino girls. One thing the Philippines will always have over the rest of the world (except for Africa) are those dick sucking lips. These girls take DSL to a whole new level!

Like most Asian idols, Just Julee is sub 100lbs. So small you can put her in your back pocket until you are ready for more. If you have never been to the Philippines, I have to tell you, girls  like Julee are a fountain of youth. With one of these girls on your arm you can dance all night and play all day. You literally feel younger!

Just Julee is bisexual so she does a lot of sets and videos with her girlfriends and things get pretty hot. Being a Pacific Islander, Julee is ready to do just about anything. You can make requests and view her candid photos. She often uploads photos from her private life!

Take the Just Julee tour and check the bottom of the page for the network details!

Nyomi Marcela

October 1st, 2009


What do you get when both of your parents hail from island nations in the Pacific? Tons of offers for marriage for one, but I am actually referring to physical traits.

If you are Nyomi Marcela you also get dick sucking lips, a year-round tan, a sexy set of legs and small tits that will be firm until the day you die. It never stops amazing me how young women from the Asia Pacific region look. Would you believe Nyomi is 28 years old? She looks fucking barely legal!

Nyomi Marcela has a sister named Jade. They have done many porn scenes together and many people think they are twins. They are actually one year apart. No one can stop you from fantasizing that they are twins though!

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