Ho’riental – Charmane Star

May 27th, 2010


This picture tells a lot, in fact I am not sure why I am adding text other than the fact that you need the links to Charmane Star’s videos and the host site Ho’rientals.

Charmane Star is a sexy little asian bitch that I’d love to fuck, that little pyramid above her little asian teen pussy is just begging to be jizzed on.  I luvs me sum Ho’rientals, the makes me happy down below.

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Oriental Orgy – Lucy Lee

May 19th, 2010


After jerkin it to Lucy Lee for about an hour, all I can think about is going to the local massage parlor.  Problem is the Asian Chick at the massage parlor won’t look like Lucy Lee or any of the Asian women on Oriental Orgy.

So I guess the more I think this out, I am better served jerkin it to beautiful Asian Chicks like Lucy Lee form Oriental Orgy.  Instead of banging some ugly chick just because she is Asian pay $100.00 for a few minutes of pleasure and risk catching a disease.

So let’s recap $29.95 for 30 days of safe guilty pleasure with beautiful Asians or $100.00 for 5 minutes with some ugly Asian Chick and risk catching a fatal disease.  Oriental Orgy wins hands down, or hands stroking.  Lucy Lee here I cum.

Unseen Japan – ASAMI

May 11th, 2010


Asami is the reason that I have this personal preference for Asian Teens.  When I was a young man I watched a lot of Saturday Kung Fu movies, and granted for all of you out there did as well…  Yes, they were mainly Chinese Boxer movies.  But every now and then they had Samurai movies, I did not prefer the Samurai fighting technique, but I always wanted to fuck their wife.

I just can’t get enough of that milky white skin, they way they wear their hair up with the strands partially covering their face.  They always made a big deal about the fresh new young Japan Idol (Geisha), I was doomed at a young age.  I would masturbate to the scenes when they always striped that young Unseen Japan treasure.  When they would show we had hair pie, always dark carpet waiting for you.

Little did I know, this personal affinity would never go away.  I have had many pleasures of young Japan Idols in my life.  But I would say Asami would be my best, I love those young little pokies she has, that beautiful dark mohawk’d pussy.  Unseen Japan delivers when it comes to having the sexiest little Asian Teens around.  So pull out your best fighting stance and stroke it at Unseen Japan today.  

Thai Girls Gone Wild – Pretty Eyes

May 3rd, 2010


Wow, look a this cute little Asian Teen and those pretty eyes.  If this pretty little thing worked at the local massage parlor I would get kicked out of my house for not paying the mortgage.

This is the sweetest little Asian Teen picture that I have seen, she can call me daddy.  Sugar or otherwise, as long as i get to play with her at Thai girls Gone Wild I am content.

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