88 Square – Moji Yukkihet

December 30th, 2009


I have this buddy of mine and he has this wild idea in his head. He is fat and so out of shape and he claims that girls like Moji Yukkihet are a dime a dozen. He says all you have to do is go to Thailand and they are all over the place. He was in the service so I am sure he is right… but…

A girl like Moji Yukkihet wouldn’t touch this dude with a ten foot pole! Not so he says… He claims to have banged dozens of girls just as hot as her. OK… Now I kind of believe the guy a little bit and I ask, how much did you pay them? To which he answers, the going rate. LOL!

I am not going to Thailand anytime soon and you probably aren’t either. But we don’t have to! At 88 Square they update daily with new Thai idols for you to look at and they even have a Japanese Adult Videos section!

In all of my years reviewing sites I have yet to find a site that is all things to all people. I can say, however, that 88 Square is many things to Asian fans like you and I. You can be sure they have exactly what you are looking for too!

Give 88 Square a try. If you want to cancel you can do so online with instant confirmation. As I was telling my buddy, these Thai girls aren’t looking to dig into your wallet, they are looking to please you!

Nao Yoshizaki

December 17th, 2009


Fucking amazing! Nao Yoshizaki has a body straight out of a manga comic book. Her proportions are perfect. Her tits are fucking perfect as tits can be. Her face, her skin, her ass, all perfect!

Want to know what else is perfect about this Asian Idol? The JSex Network has 20 full length DVDs of her ready for you to download. In addition to the DVDs they also have four photo sets and mobile video so you can enjoy her on your cell phone.

At the JSexNetwork Japanese women like Nao Yoshizaki reign supreme. The network showcases hundreds of girls in thousands of full length DVD videos. Most of the girls also shoot photos with the network for more exposure and to promote their movies.

Get your own JSex Network password and tap into one of the largest archives of JAV Porn!

JSex Network – Mihiro Taniguchi

December 8th, 2009


Why Japanese porn? Why not American porn? Well, the answer to that is simple. Quality. When it comes to porn America treats its production like Russia treats its production of military aircraft or China treats its production of electronics. They all deal in quantity and they don’t give a shit about quality. When it comes to porn I prefer quality and the Japanese really know how to entertain!

Japanese idols like Mihiro Taniguchi grow up in a culture where woman still respect tradition. She has a doll like appearance and never has a hair out of place. She enjoys her position in life. Mihiro enjoys making you happy.

All of the Japanese idols at the JSex Network share the same positive qualities as Mihiro. While they might differ in some aspects like breast size or body type, they know how to entertain you and they enjoy doing it.

There are thousands of videos on the JSex Network. They add full length DVDs, they shoot their own videos and they even have a glamour section for when you are in a softcore mood.

JSexNetwork – Aino Kishi

December 2nd, 2009


Aino Kishi from the JSexNetwork has 34C-23-33 measurements that work nicely with her five foot, two inch frame. Her petite figure matched with her twenty-one year old face make her appear to be much younger.

Having such a flawless look is working in Aino’s favor. She is a much sought after JAV model. You can see her at JSex Network along with hundreds of other Asian idols.

There are five full length movies of Aino Kishi on the Jsex Network plus, you get thousands more movies of the other girls.

Many of the girls at JSexNetwork.com do video interviews so you can get to know them better. The network focuses on several niches so you don’t get bored. They have both softcore glamour and hardcore JAV DVD’s for you to download.

There are no digital rights management at JSex Network. Once you download it, you own it. Watch it anytime even if you cancel. Aino Kishi is waiting!