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February 26th, 2015


Japan has the hottest Cosplay cams around. The girls there go all out in ways you can’t even imagine unless you’ve been to ComicCon (or Japan). Just seeing these girls in their sexy getups is hot enough to blow your load. With free adult chat on Adult Interactive Cams you can do more than just look.

I love the cams on this highly regarded network because the girls love to flirt. On most networks they won’t pay you any attention at all if you don’t have money to spend on them. Here they are often nude or semi-nude in free chat. They will interact with you live.

Make a free account and start chatting immediately. It is very easy to join up and you can even do it on a cellular phone. Although I must caution you, the high definition cams here will eat your data plan so be sure to use Wi-Fi!

Get Your Friends Laid By Cosplay Asian Teen Sluts

May 8th, 2014

cosplay asian selfies

When a girl is willing to go this far to make herself uniquely attractive as a Cosplay hottie she ends up alienating herself sexually and romantically from the mainstream people around her. She needs a hero in her life and that hero is you. As a rocking dating program affiliate you can help her out and help your banking account out at the same time. You will be her knight in shining armor!

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Do this for five more friends and you can quit your day job. Do this for dozens of them and you can retire by the time you are forty!

Sex Asian 18

June 8th, 2012


Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Sex Asian 18 is loaded with both high resolution photos and HD videos. They have been online for six long years with daily updates!

What do all of those tricky numbers mean? Even more numbers!

Sex Asian 18 has thousands of DVD quality movies. Whole movies. Entire movies. Not annoying baby clips! Each movie can be downloaded or streamed. Movies are encoded for computers, Internet ready HDTV’s and cellphones including iPhones!

Keep tabs on all of your favorite AV Idols including Kokomi Naruse above! Every one of your favorite Asian Video actresses is at Sex Asian 18!

What? Even the MILF ones with big milky tits?

Yeah, silly! They cover every category of AV Porn ever made!

Japanese Cosplay Chika Ishihara

March 1st, 2011


If there is one place in the porn climate where the Japanese have excelled past all others it is in the genre of Cosplay. Perhaps it is because Japanese girls have super model bodies? Sure, they might not be six feet tall, but with a ninety pound frame on a five foot, four inch girl you end up with the same height to weight ratio.

Japanese Cosplay has evolved into an art form. Taking already cute Asian idols and dressing them up in costumes can truly be a fantasy come true!

Watch the videos and we are sure you will fall in love with Chika Ishihara, just one of over 1,400 models! Things get even better with because they also give you access to their other sites like Idols 69 and Japanese Nurse! You are literally seconds away from daily video updates and thousands of videos in the archives!

Japanese Cosplay : Chika Ishihara

August 15th, 2010

Chika Ishihara in a maid uniform with a few male lovers

The Japanese are masters when it comes to creating kickass niches in porn. They gave us Bukkake and Sharking. Now they are kicking things up a notch with Japanese Cosplay!

So what is Japanese Cosplay? Well, everybody likes banging a girl that is dressed up like a maid or a nurse. The Japanese dress their girls in brightly colored Anime costumes. This gives the already young looking Asian babes an even younger appearance! is part of the Idols 69 network. So you don’t get just one great niche and web site, you get dozens. You get daily updates. You get entire DVD’s you can download! This is real Japanese porn done by real Japanese!

Ryo Shinohara

November 11th, 2008

Ryo Shinohara 

The Japanese really know how to do porn right. They created the Asian Idol. A hot and sexy young female with a cute face and a petite body. She looks so damn innocent that you want to take her home and care for her. She is like a cute little kitten.

The Japanese also created Bukkake (ブッカケ). At they meld these two niches together into one mega-site with everything the Japanese Adult Videos (JAV) lover could ever want.

Girls like Ryo Shinohara above are what this site is all about. She looks so sweet and innocent until you watch her drinking cum like it is Kool-Aid.

The Asian Idols at Idols69 do a lot of dressing up. Each girl usually does several photo sets and videos in more than one niche. So you might see Ryo as a schoolgirl in one set and then a dominant cop-bitch in a BDSM video.

All of the content on Idols 69 is tagged with keywords so you can find exactly what you want easier. If you are looking for hairless pussies, tied up with big tits you get a few hundred sets and videos to choose from. No more long expeditions trying to find something you are even remotely interested in.

You can sample Idols 69 for 2 days for only $2.95 with no worries about canceling. Should you decide to cancel you can do so online. There are none of those annoying pre-checked trials to other sites on the join form. Idols 69 makes its money by selling you the best JAV porn available, not by screwing you over.

There are no download limits at and you get to keep each video for life with no digital rights management. You download it, it is yours even after you cancel. Stop looking for the right Asian Idols site. You just found it!

Sweet Chelsea Co

October 24th, 2008

This Japanese babe has the best of both worlds working for her. She looks young enough to satisfy the barely legal, Asian idol crowd and yet has the hips of a woman. I could play with her ass for years and never get bored of it.

Chelsea Co got her start doing modeling for calendars and eventually those led to taking her top off. It didn’t take her long to realize that taking that top off makes her more money and is a whole lot of fun. Eventually Chelsea Fujiwawa (her real name) made her way into Lowrider and then on to Playboy!

You can catch weekly updates on of her newest pics and videos. Sweet Chelsea Co is indeed a sweetheart so her site is softcore only. At only $19.95 you could say this site is a steal of a deal because you get her personal Email address to talk to Chelsea about whatever is on your mind!

Hina Sakuraba

October 14th, 2008

Hina Sakuraba
People ask me how I find hot Asian Idols and I have to say, I don’t find them, they find me!

I was surfing a friends blog today and came across Hina Sakuraba. Her beauty practically jumped out at me. She is a fine example of why Asian idols have such a large audience. Hina has the hair of a doll. Perfect in every way. Her face defies time itself. We could come back to her when she is 40 years old and she would still look the same.

Having a good Asian idols site takes more than just good looking girls. You have to have a quality photographer to capture those girls and no one capture an Asian teens beauty better than Yasushi Rikitake. This guy is a master of the art of photography!

Each image at Girls Planet is shot in extremely high resolution. To do this you need a flawless model and quality equipment. Girls Planet utilizes both. has many free samples of this guys work. Yeah, his web sites name is different than his domains name. He is Japanese. Give him a break!

Anyway, any fan of Asian idols will be a fan of the Asian Idols King, Yasushi Rikitake!

Thainee – Asian Lolita

August 1st, 2008

Her name is a play on her nationality and her size. Thainee is from Thailand and she is tiny. Standing at only four foot five inches this Asian lolita weighs in at only 72lbs! Talk about having a shorty around to sex with, Thainee is a lolita fans dream come true.

There have been a lot of girls coming out of the Orient making some damn good sites but I have to say this girl goes the extra distance. She leaves nothing to the imagination.

Thainee does hardcore, softcore and everything in between. Along with the usual hot Thai teen in a bikini you also gets lots of Cosplay (Costume Play). If you thought French Maids were the shit, you haven’t seen anything yet. Asian teen idols like Thainee took Cosplay to a whole new level.

For those that don’t know Asian lolita means legal girls dressing up in costumes. Looks like the Asians are taking back the word that Roman Polanski screwed up and turned around to mean something else.

If you ever went to Thailand to fuck some innocent Asian lolita you will love She loves to be tossed around like a rag doll. She grew up in a society where pleasing men gives you your sense of worth. The happier you are banging this babe the happier she is to make you happy.

I Heart Jenny Chu

July 20th, 2008


Asian teen idols like Jenny Chu make my job easy. By far, out of all of my friends, I would say that I have the best job a man could ever want.

Jenny Chu’s beauty is striking. She has a sweet set of dick sucking lips, the perfect tan, great boobs and a wide ass. Yup, Jenny, you have a wide ass and I love it. Absolutely… love… it!

Even if you have never seen her web site I Heart Jenny Chu before you still may have seen Jenny Chu at an import car show. With her bodaciously curvy ass she is hard to miss.

In the members area at you get access to her massive archive of go-go dancing pics. There are tons of hot pics of Jenny and her friends.

Of course members also get access to her weekly updates and webcam shows. Jenny Chu and her friends get completely naked in her pics and videos making the $14.95 monthly price totally worth it.

Keep checking Asian Teen Idols for more of this Vietnamese hottie in the future!

Miss Luana – Schoolgirl

July 20th, 2008

Miss Luana Schoolgirl

At nineteen years old this Asian Schoolgirl already has a stories life. You have probably seen Luana Lani in the pages of Playboy, Mystique, Rockstar and Stuff Magazine.

It isn’t hard to figure out why so many people want to see this girl naked. Born in Manila (Philippines), Miss Luana has the exotic beauty you have come to expect from a 100% Filipina. She has dick sucking lips, stands only 5’1″ tall and weights in at less than 100lbs. Luana Lani has lean, yet powerful legs and a perfect set of tits.

Being a solo model Miss Luana likes to keep her fans updated on what is going on in her life via her blog, her diary, her forum and her candid pics. You literally get to see this girls life unfold! updates weekly with new pics and videos. She does webcam videos and her site features both nonnude glamour shots and full nudity. Watching her interact with her Asian friends is a real treat. Her friends are often featured in her picture sets and even in her videos.

You can buy Miss Luana Lani bra and panty sets in her store. She also sells her costumes and signed photos. If you ever wanted to obsess on an Asian idol before now is your chance and this girl makes it pretty darn easy!