Trike Patrol – Jessica

May 27th, 2009


First off, you are probably wondering what a trike is unless you live in an Asian country. It is basically a moped for stupid people with no balance or someone that has lots of shit to carry around so they could use the added stability. Like if you are picking up pinays off the street and are unsure of just how many you will get.

Next, I am sure you are wondering about Jessica. The upside down Filipina with a nice set of tits and an extremely tight pussy. They found her waiting for a bus out on the street and quickly found out that she was a more than willing participant!

Once back at the hotel she was ready to boom, boom, boom and even started dancing on the bed. The best is at the end though when she takes that money shot like a true champ!

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Big Cocks – Lucy Thai

May 16th, 2009


Lucy Thai is both Cambodian and Thai. Shockingly she only speaks Cambodian. Her Thai fans probably wonder about that with her last name and all.

Lucy has a sister Nyla Thai but is not related to Lily Thai in any way other than sharing the same last name. Of the two sisters Lucy is the crazy one. She does anal, double penetration and really enjoys doing gang-bangs.

Another shocker is that Lucy never had any sexual thoughts or desires until she was 16 years old. Within three years she became a well known and highly sought after porn star.

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Dirty Pancake

May 6th, 2009


Today’s Asian Teen Idol is Dirty Pancake. I can think of no other girl more deserving of a review here than her. Born in Europe, Dirty Pancake was moved to Thailand to be with her relatives. Her parents figured she’d straighten out with the influence of her over baring grandparents.


In Thailand she was exposed to the underbelly of the world. The night life in Thailand is way more taboo than it is in Europe. Dirty Pancake strongly resembles the Thailand super model named Pancake. This made her hugely popular in clubs and she definitely used all of the attention to her own advantage.

Dirty Pancake was always fascinated with porn even at an early age. As time went on her fascination turned into a full blown obsession. Looking like a super model gave her an early shot of self confidence that led her to open her own porn site where she can share her sexual escapades with her fans!

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