Sweet Chelsea Co

October 24th, 2008

This Japanese babe has the best of both worlds working for her. She looks young enough to satisfy the barely legal, Asian idol crowd and yet has the hips of a woman. I could play with her ass for years and never get bored of it.

Chelsea Co got her start doing modeling for calendars and eventually those led to taking her top off. It didn’t take her long to realize that taking that top off makes her more money and is a whole lot of fun. Eventually Chelsea Fujiwawa (her real name) made her way into Lowrider and then on to Playboy!

You can catch weekly updates on SweetChelseaCo.com of her newest pics and videos. Sweet Chelsea Co is indeed a sweetheart so her site is softcore only. At only $19.95 you could say this site is a steal of a deal because you get her personal Email address to talk to Chelsea about whatever is on your mind!

Hina Sakuraba

October 14th, 2008

Hina Sakuraba
People ask me how I find hot Asian Idols and I have to say, I don’t find them, they find me!

I was surfing a friends blog today and came across Hina Sakuraba. Her beauty practically jumped out at me. She is a fine example of why Asian idols have such a large audience. Hina has the hair of a doll. Perfect in every way. Her face defies time itself. We could come back to her when she is 40 years old and she would still look the same.

Having a good Asian idols site takes more than just good looking girls. You have to have a quality photographer to capture those girls and no one capture an Asian teens beauty better than Yasushi Rikitake. This guy is a master of the art of photography!

Each image at Girls Planet is shot in extremely high resolution. To do this you need a flawless model and quality equipment. Girls Planet utilizes both.

Rikitake.com has many free samples of this guys work. Yeah, his web sites name is different than his domains name. He is Japanese. Give him a break!

Anyway, any fan of Asian idols will be a fan of the Asian Idols King, Yasushi Rikitake!

Yuuna Momose

October 10th, 2008

Asian Idols like Yuuna Momose above cover two different bases. On one base she has the looks of a Japanese import model. Her figure is petite and would look great in a mini-dress. On the other base she is a JAV porn star. Not only does she look good, she also fucks good too!

Japanese girls really know how to put on a show and Yuuna Momose is a showgirl. In her videos she loves to play the part of an innocent schoolgirl and a servant office girl.

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Francine Dee – Import Queen

October 3rd, 2008

For you guys who love glamour models that are Asian. Francine Dee is a special treat for anyone. My friend told me you gotta check this babe out on the net. She is a bitchin hot Asian babe. I told him I am not even into Asians girls.  So with some pushing he showed her site to me, and wow what a great looking face awesome figure that I generally don’t see on Asian women. And I obviously have to mention her perfect full breasts. How often do you see big tits like hers on an Asian women. With Asian models like Francine Dee I am definitely putting Asian Babes on my list of preferred viewing.

A little info on Francine Dee, At twenty years old she started modeling. Her first modeling jobs were calendar shoots. It was when she did the her calendar shoot for Pacific Coast Happas that introduced her to the import scene. The company was promoting it at car shows events. Because of the great response she received is why she knew modeling was for her.  When Francine Dee made a name for herself was when she got into glamour photography working with different magazines. Francine Dee is now the Queen of the import scene.

Now Francine Dee how her own website named after her FrancineDee.com that has many features to really get to know this Asian model. Some features include Live chat, house cams, video blog, personal journal, and many others. Just come on in take the FrancineDee.com tour and check out all the features available. Absolutely her best part of her site is the photos, with fashion clothes and the best pics are definitely her nude ones. So don’t forget your Francine Dee full access pass of all  this live action for mere $24.95 a month.