Teens From Tokyo

October 28th, 2010

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It doesn’t matter which side of the Pacific you are on, when you get that horny bug inside of you, you have to let it out!

Teens From Tokyo let that bug out on a daily basis. They dream of your cock while you dream of having your cock wrapped up inside their Asian teen pussy!

Videos feature plenty Asian teens masturbating, having sex with each other and having sex with guys… sometimes groups of guys – eight guys deep!

Everything is exclusive and the girls even do free webcam chats so you can talk to them for free! If you are daring enough you can even go private and see just how crazy the Teens From Tokyo can be!

88 Square : Moji Yukkihet

October 5th, 2010


Got a thing for Thai girls? Maybe you are just hooked on the petite, young ones like Moji Yukkihet? Well, 88 Square is filled with them and they update daily!

The photo above is 450 pixels across. Imagine how sweet and succulent Moji looks at 1280 pixels! Now imagine her videos shot in 720×402. That is plenty big to fill 19 inch monitors with her Thai beauty!

All of the 88 Square Asian teens come back for more picture sets, more videos and more love from their adoring fans like you. As a member you also get access to their sister sites like Filipino Fuck and All Asians. You even get solo model Tia Ling!

Take care of your Asian persuasion by drowning it in the hottest girls the Orient and Pacific Islands have to offer!