Nubiles Natalya Asian Teen

November 26th, 2011


In her native country Natalya from is what Americans would call a plain Jane. However, in America, Europe, and Russia Natalya is an exotic beauty. Isn’t it just awesome how that all works out?

Strangely enough Nubiles found this Asian teen in Russia of all places. Seems they imported her for her language skills and she enjoyed all of the flattery she received. So Natalya decided to stay!

Natalya isn’t her real name. Her real one was too hard for Russians to pronounce so they gave her a new one.

This little hottie has a cherub body and a sweet, succulent pussy that she loves to play with in her spare time. Nubiles has multiple videos of Natalya showing you the various ways she pleasures herself. They include ben-wa balls videos!

Now I am not going to lie to you and say that Nubiles is all about Asian teens. It isn’t! There are over 1000 models and three new ones are added every week. Out of the 1000 models there are a handful of Asian girls like Palova, Amai and Tai Lee.

With so many models Nubiles updates three times a day. That means new videos and pictures for you to look at in a steady stream of barely legal girls. The models do hardcore and softcore so pretty much every niche you can think of is there.

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Asian Teen In the Shower

November 19th, 2011


Tune the fuck in Tokyo!

I used to have a picture very similar to this one. Hot Asian teen in the shower so crisp and clear you could make out each water droplet. Then I lost it in a move. Fuck me!

Oh well… Now I have literally tens of thousands of these pics with my membership to Me and My Asian. So I guess you could say I made out like a bandit! An Asian voyeur bandit!