Does She Have A Pussy Or A Cock?

December 23rd, 2012

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Beyond the shadow of a doubt I know that I can trick you buy saying two of these girls have a pussy and only one of the has a cock. Here is the thing. You would pick the wrong one as a tranny. That being said, can you find the two shemales?

Babe or Fake tests you on your ability to pick which girls are babes and which are fakes. The results will leave you dumb-founded as more and more shemales are receiving plastic surgery that will leave you wondering.

You had better bet it right though. You never know when a fun night is going to end with more than you bargained for. That yellow rose you have your eye on might end up being a ladyboy!

Asian Emo With Pierced Nipples

December 10th, 2012


One look at this Asian Emo teen and I began to wonder if she was some Yakuza boss’s daughter or something. She has tattoos, pierced nipples, a nose ring and some of the hottest boobs I have ever seen on an Asian babe before.

I found her on one of those Emo sex videos sites. After looking around the site for a bit I searched for "Asians" and there she was. The Asian Emo dancing and stripping video gets pretty hot. She really should be in a strip club making bank or on a webcam site somewhere.

There are not a lot of Asians on the site, but the ones they do have are plenty hot. I am used to Asian teens being somewhat submissive, but this girl is anything but submissive. I don’t think she has a submissive bone in her body!