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October 28th, 2017

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There’s 60 videos here and thousands within the network. It’s a huge, popular network you really can’t go wrong with, either. They’ve got a good bit of just about everything and updates are coming in all the time. If anyone’s going to do it best, it’s Naughty America. Grab your deal on this top-shelf porn today!

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July 9th, 2015

Asian girl wins white girl in sex games

If there is one thing I know it is that you should not bet on console games when your opponent looks like she might be related to the designer of the Nintendo game console. This white girl had no chance and the rules were simple. The winner gets to command the loser to do anything they want them to do. Once this game was over the white girl had to eat her friend’s shaved pussy until she was writhing in orgasmic pleasure.

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Lesbian Sex Training At JapanLez

October 13th, 2013

Lesbian Sex Training At JapanLez

If you thought temperament training was for straight Japanese sex only you thought wrong. is an organization that prides itself in setting naive Japanese girls to be submissive lesbian girls ready to do her master’s bidding no matter what their gender is.

Each of the girls is shown to trust a woman’s soft hands, warm kisses and sensual touches. Though that doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when a woman will be forceful with her student. In fact, women tend to be more brutal at times then their male counterparts!

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Kat from Radiant Desire

January 10th, 2012


Radiant Desire is right!

This little nubile Asian teen is just one of the hottest teens you can expect to find at Radiant Desire. They find the cutest babes on the planet and shoot them in an artistic way. Put it all together and you end up with a sum greater than its parts!


The entire site isn’t filled with Asian teens, but the Asian girls it does have are hotties. Funny… Most Asian girls are hot. What in the fuck is up with that?

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Oriental Orgy – Kayme and Kristina

June 14th, 2010


Kayme Kai and Kristina Rose are two little bi-curious teens who were obviously taught by their mothers to share their toys.  Lucky for us Oriental Orgy gave them this little purple vibrator.

I for one say thank you, what’s a little purple spinning dildo between two little Asian Teens.  A fucking great time, Kayme and Kristina give me a boner.  Watch the preview clip at Oriental Orgy and tell me that it doesn’t make you catch wood.

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Me an My Asian – Busty Thai Chick

June 3rd, 2010


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Cum watch this busty Thai chick suck her boyfriends cock and then go for a ride.  Not that it matters but you get to see her beautiful face in the videos.  Is it your neighbor at Me and My Asian, for you sake I hope so.

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Ariel Spinner – Asian Schoolgirl

August 1st, 2009


She is Ariel Spinner and she makes one hell of an Asian schoolgirl if you ask me. Her legs are long and her ass is tight. Ariel has small tits and a cute face. She is always smiling and always polite. A good little girl in every way.

Except one…

Ariel Spinner is a bad little girl when it comes to sex. She decided at an early age using her body to get what she wanted was easy. Too easy!

Ariel has been teasing the cum out of guys for years and now she is old enough to do it on the Internet. Her site is full of her masturbation videos and her lesbian videos. Ariel is bisexual so you often get more than one teen hottie in the video.

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Broke Back Asians

July 9th, 2009


You know, it is funny how tits can make just about any girl turn bisexual in three seconds or less. Chicks always talk about how disgusting it is when guys talk to their tits instead of their eyes and I have to say, I catch those bitches doing it all the fucking time!

Truth is, chicks are just as curious about other chicks boobs as guys are. I once had a girlfriend with Double-D tits and guess what? Do you think she was satisfied and able to leave other chicks tits alone? Fuck no! She had a bigger groping fetish than a drunken Irish sailor on leave after six months at sea!

So back to the matter at hand… pun definitely intended!

Above we have two girls that decide to fill each other up at the pool in their gym. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know their fingers are wandering downtown to check the oil.

Of course fingers are never enough when it comes to fondling a nice hard Japanese body so they switch to tongues. How else did you expect them to get a taste of some sweet Japanese pussy?

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Isis Lee

March 14th, 2009


Isis Lee, the shy Asian idol that is anything but shy!

She is what you get when you cross an Irishman with a Chinese woman. A hot, exotic babe that likes to get naked!

Once she is naked, Isis Lee enjoys having sex. Lots of sex. With many different partners! Often at the same time!!!

Being a porn star of a higher caliber it was only a matter of time before this Asian hottie got her own website. Lord knows she has made plenty enough porn to fill it.

Isis Lee adds more picture sets and videos each week and does webcam shows. If you are feeling really naughty you can send Isis a private message. Don’t offer her a bigger check than you can write, one of her members ended up in a porn video with her!

Asian Teen Pictures Club

January 14th, 2009


With Christmas having past there are a lot of teenage Asian girls with cameras. Those girls like to take pictures of themselves wearing bikinis, panties, next to nothing and often nothing at all!

Asian Teen Pictures Club is where all of these pictures eventually end up. You used to have to add a few candid Asian pics or videos to gain access to the collection, but now there is an easier way… Especially if you don’t have a convenient way of getting candid Asian pics.

For just under $30 you can access the Asian Teen Pictures Club members area along with the members areas for the Ebony club, the POV facials club and the general amateurs candid pics club too.

These sites are updated daily with new pics and videos. Everything is categorized so you can find the particular flavor of Asian doing the particular sex act you are interested in.

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Manila Amateurs – Girls Kissing

November 30th, 2008


Who doesn’t like pics of girls kissing?

Manila Amateurs has plenty of pics of girls kissing and more. If you have a favorite Asian fantasy this site is going to deliver it to you many times over.

Do you like Asian schoolgirls? There are dozens of pics and videos of Asian schoolgirls masturbating, having lesbian sex after class and getting poked in every orifice.

Only Manila Amateurs features real girls instead of sluts from the bar. These girls are making porn for the first time and it shows. You almost feel like you are getting a virgin here!

Most of the girls are barely legal looking. Their boobs are so small and pert and their skin is so soft you wouldn’t last more than a minute inside one of these girls.

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Ryo Shinohara

November 11th, 2008

Ryo Shinohara 

The Japanese really know how to do porn right. They created the Asian Idol. A hot and sexy young female with a cute face and a petite body. She looks so damn innocent that you want to take her home and care for her. She is like a cute little kitten.

The Japanese also created Bukkake (ブッカケ). At they meld these two niches together into one mega-site with everything the Japanese Adult Videos (JAV) lover could ever want.

Girls like Ryo Shinohara above are what this site is all about. She looks so sweet and innocent until you watch her drinking cum like it is Kool-Aid.

The Asian Idols at Idols69 do a lot of dressing up. Each girl usually does several photo sets and videos in more than one niche. So you might see Ryo as a schoolgirl in one set and then a dominant cop-bitch in a BDSM video.

All of the content on Idols 69 is tagged with keywords so you can find exactly what you want easier. If you are looking for hairless pussies, tied up with big tits you get a few hundred sets and videos to choose from. No more long expeditions trying to find something you are even remotely interested in.

You can sample Idols 69 for 2 days for only $2.95 with no worries about canceling. Should you decide to cancel you can do so online. There are none of those annoying pre-checked trials to other sites on the join form. Idols 69 makes its money by selling you the best JAV porn available, not by screwing you over.

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Yummi Lee

September 19th, 2008

yummi lee
When it comes to Asian Idols I have only two requirements. They should be hot and they should get naked. Yummi Lee covers both of these requirements.

Yummi has some exotic almond eyes with high cheek bones that scream, "Fuck me, sailor!" While those two aren’t requirements they go a long way to fulfilling requirement #1.

Being an Asian Idol, Yummi enjoys wearing just about everything her parents fear the most. Short skirts, mini dresses, high heels, higher heels, thongs, bikinis, micro bikinis… You name it and she is wearing it.

Yummi Lee is interactive with her fans and takes requests for them, as well as, wears clothing sent in by her fans. She updates her site weekly and even includes the iPOD format so you can watch Yummi at your discretion.

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JSex Network – Yu Ayanami

August 14th, 2008

Does American Idol have Japanese Schoolgirls like Yu Ayanami?

No… they don’t!

So fuck them and tune into the JSex Network!

At you can count on multiple updates coming in daily. Not the same Asian Idols coming in over and over again like most American sites do it. Japanese pornographers know how to spice things up, spread things out and give you a smorgasbord of quality Asian Idols to look at.

I am not even sure how much porn this fucking place has because it is so fucking big and often does 5 or 6 updates a day!

JSexNetwork is like eleven sites all rolled into one. You get full length downloadable JAV movies. You get the Idols directory where you can check out everything an Asian Idol has done all in one place and read in depth interviews and bios. Want to whack in a hurry? Watch the Midnight AV Clips which are all sorted into niches so you can quickly find what you are looking for. The Gravure Photos section is crammed full of high quality, high resolution, original photo shoots of all of your favorite Asian Idols and AV models.

Breath… The Amateur Edition section finds girls to fuck off the street. Think Bangbus only it is Japanese style. Urabon Mania targets candid photos from members uploaded private collections. The list goes on and on…

No matter what niche you want you will find it here on the JSexNetwork. Movies are in DIVx, MPEG & WMV. JSexNetwork uses six different network providers in different parts of the world so your downloads are guaranteed to be fast. And best of all, no digital rights management. Everything you download is yours to keep!