Joon Mali – The O.G. Asian Idol

February 17th, 2010



You should expect a bit of spontaneity from your Asian Idols and I have to say, Joon Mali delivers.  She is vibrant and young, has a bubble butt and a fun attitude. Oh, and she thinks camel toes are just as hot as you do.

Joon Mali began her site while 18 years old. Over the years she has been amassing a large archive of Thai teen content. She loves to get naked and like I said earlier, she loves to show off her camel toe. Her wet bikini and panty videos are to die for!

With an all year tan and a petite body, Joon Mali is the perfect model for close ups and high resolution photography. The site is loaded with her galleries and videos with her getting fully nude.

You can download her galleries as ZIP files and each galleries matching video is encoded in a variety of formats. There are no restrictions so join Joon Mali and get cracking on them downloads!

Sex Asian 18 – Asian Teens

February 5th, 2010


Suppose you are a sailor on a sailing ship from Spain and you find this little number running around topless. What would you do? I know what I’d do… I’d fuck the shit out of her and all of her Asian teen friends!

Sex Asian 18 is full of hot Asian teens like the one above. They have all of your favorite Asian Idols and tons more girls you have never seen before. Sex Asian 18 has hardcore Japanese adult videos, photo galleries and more!

One of my favorite sections of the site is the Cosplay area. Here you will find sexy Asian teens wearing cute outfits of all types. Manga costumes, French maids, nurses, they have it all!

Everything at Sex Asian 18 is broken down into categories and tagged for easy searching. Got a favorite girl? Put her name in. Chances are they have multiple videos of her and even several picture sets.

Sex Asian 18 has multiple daily updates. They have hundreds of girls and thousands of movies. But see if they have your favorite girl. If they do, join and enjoy. If they don’t, make a request!

Idols 69 – Ai Kurosawa

February 2nd, 2010

Ai Kurasawa Naughty Asian Babe Is Getting Her Pussy Poked

I have been receiving a lot of requests for girls in bikinis lately. Seems some of you have a bikini fetish and Ai Kurosawa might just be the answer for your swimsuit desire!

You can see Ai Kurosawa at Idols 69 where she has nine videos. I especially like her shower video. Her body is so perfect and her tits are so pert that she is like an angel!

In the videos above she is groped and prodded by three guys in her class. My friends and I once had a girl we got drunk and high back in school. She didn’t seem to mind all of the extra attention and we had our way with her.

Idols 69 specializes in Asian idols and Japanese porn. They have clips and full DVD’s in every niche imaginable. You can search by model names, body types, genres, categories and more. You can also access all of their other sites in their network!