Leah Dizon

September 29th, 2008

Born in Las Vegas this pop queen is currently living it up in Japan. Leah Dizon is part Chinese, Filipino and French. At twenty-two years old Leah has already lived a storied life.

Leah Dizon got her start in modeling at car shows. She became increasingly popular in East Asia and was offered a modeling deal in Japan which she accepted. Leah has shot two photo books, both of which have become hugely successful.

In addition to her looks, Leah Dizon is known for her singing talents. She has released several hits that have made it to the top ten of the Oricon charts.

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Yummi Lee

September 19th, 2008

yummi lee
When it comes to Asian Idols I have only two requirements. They should be hot and they should get naked. Yummi Lee covers both of these requirements.

Yummi has some exotic almond eyes with high cheek bones that scream, "Fuck me, sailor!" While those two aren’t requirements they go a long way to fulfilling requirement #1.

Being an Asian Idol, Yummi enjoys wearing just about everything her parents fear the most. Short skirts, mini dresses, high heels, higher heels, thongs, bikinis, micro bikinis… You name it and she is wearing it.

Yummi Lee is interactive with her fans and takes requests for them, as well as, wears clothing sent in by her fans. She updates her site weekly and even includes the iPOD format so you can watch Yummi at your discretion.

Many of Yummi’s videos feature her masturbating with fingers and toys and some include her getting sexy with her girlfriends. Members of YummiLee.com get access to an entire network of sites. Read more by checking out the Yummi Lee tour and scrolling to the bottom.

Manila Amateurs

September 10th, 2008

manila amateurs
Girls from each country in Asian have certain qualities that draw in American perverts looking to get laid. In the Philippines that quality is their curves. Girls from Manila Amateurs have plenty of curves.

Each guy has his own reasons for lusting over the Filipino curves. For some it is that the curves make the girls look younger. There is not a lot of difference in the bust, hips and thighs. You could say that Ann above looks like a compact little cherub waiting to get laid.

Out of all of the Asian girls differences I would have to say the Manila Amateurs have the best asses. Ann has something you can grip on to. Once locked and engaged this hot little number isn’t going anywhere!

There are over 70 models at Manila Amateurs. Each one has her own set of curves and I am sure you can find a few dozen with the curves you are craving. Members also get access to Manila Amateurs sister sites, Lot of Models and Bangkok Amateurs.

JAV HQ – Yui Minami

September 5th, 2008

Yui Minami Handjob
When God made Japanese girls he intended for them to have a cock in their hands. Girls like Yui Minami have small hands so even the shortest cock can take both of them. A big ego boost for anyone.

JAVHQ.com has plenty of girls like Yui Minami. Girls that lack inhibitions. Nothing is taboo here!

I am just reading the introduction to another girl, Maho Aizawa, and I have to say… This site is chock full of hot Asian Teen Idols that like to please their man.

The videos are all shot in high definition. When you see the clarity of the screen grabs on the tour at JAV HQ you are instantly aware of just how crystal clear the full length videos will be.

Yui Minami Cum Hands
Looks like Yui finished her task of getting dirty… Now it is time to watch her clean those hands up with her tongue. But for that you are going to need a JAVHQ.com membership!