Little Asian GFs

September 17th, 2010


There is just something about Asian teens that says… Jesus, I just want to stick my dick inside you! I dunno what it is really… They are cute, smart, cuddly… Firm, tight, exotic. I could go on forever!

Little Asian GFs is my new home to find these young hotties sexting and putting up pics of themselves. Don’t they know their cousin is going to tell their uncle who will in tern tell pops? Who cares!

But hey… Don’t think I am one of those guys that gets too focused on one thing and misses the big picture. I know Asian teens aren’t the only girls in the world and so does this site. With your Little Asian GFs membership you also get access to all of their other niched sites featuring Latinas, Ebony and more!

Me and My Asian – Horny Asian Babe

September 7th, 2010


One of the most intriguing things about sites like Me and My Asian, is trying to figure out the background.  This is clearly a bathroom, and it is obviously mommy and daddy’s house.  Why else would she be in the bathroom, door locks and people normally leave you alone.

So back to our search, does this bathroom look familiar.  I have many Asian friends and yes I want to fuck all of their daughters and wives, so I reference these pictures from Me and My Asian often to compare them to my friends houses.  There is no more leverage than telling an Asian Teen that you can make an arrangement so her daddy doesn’t find out about her pictures, this works with Asian wives as well. 

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