Fucktabulous Ass On A Sweet Thai Babe

January 26th, 2013


I know what you are thinking when you first lay your eyes on Kumlai from Creampie Thais. This bitch had better be a bitch! I was thinking the same thing too. Don’t worry. There will be pussy pics later on in the post as proof of her gender.

Kumlai has a cute look. So cute in fact that it seems like Mattel should be calling and asking for their doll face back. Her small tits are very springy as most Asian teens are. One thing she has that a lot of Asian girls don’t have is a full sized bottom. Her ass is fucktabulous!


It is like fucking a black teen without all of the jive turkey!



Talking about going without… Notice her pussy is a cleft of Venus. A what? A pussy with a cleft and no protruding clit or inner lips. I would so hit that!


Do this cute little honey and her cleft of Venus pussy a solid by joining Creampie Thais. While she would love to be doing this for charity that is not the case. Besides, she has hundreds more friends willing to spread their Thai pink for you!

Me And My Asian Letting The Boobs Out

January 8th, 2013


When young white girls take naughty pictures of themselves for their boyfriends it is one thing. When Asian girls do so it is a whole different bag of bones. Asian parents have been known to disown their daughters over these kinds of scandals.

Me and My Asian receives daily updates of hot Asian teens. Some girls get naked while others are able to successfully tease the cum from your cock without even removing a stich of clothing.

At first the photos were uploaded by ex-boyfriends or guys who received them from a buddy. Now the girls are getting into the act of uploading their own pics. Many of their uploads include entire series of pics. Crazy Asian sluts!

Adult Sex Toys From Singapore

January 3rd, 2013


Have you ever wondered where Asian porn sites get all of those crazy adult sex toys they use? It seems every JAV episode showcases at least four or five vibrators like the Hitachi, the Rabbit or some other crazy device to tickle a girls pussy with. As it turns out, they get their vibrators from the home of all things exotic: Singapore!

Now you can enjoy recreating the zany stuff you see in your favorite JAV porn. All vibrators and dildos are made of safe silicone that is of medical grade making them hypoallergenic for her private parts.

Feel secure in knowing your shipment will arrive in a plain brown box so even your most nosey neighbors won’t know what you and your Asian crush are doing once the red light is on.

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You have run out of excuses. Now it is time to man up and control your destiny, as well as, your little China girl!