Japanese Babes Give Blowjobs

November 30th, 2018

When I was 19, I actually did get blowjobs from an Asian teen. She was my girlfriend and we were pretty high on our natural hormones at the time. We would take every opportunity we could to make out and have sex. One of my hottest memories was her blowing me at the beach. I don’t know if anyone saw or not. At the time, all I cared about was cumming in that perfect mouth of hers. She always swallowed.

Ferame is a site dedicated to Japanese girls going down. There are some one-on-one blowjobs, but be prepared to watch these chicks taking on multiple dicks at a time. Sometimes it’s two or three. Other times, it’s a full on blow bang. These horny Asians are there to please and they prove that they can handle as many men that are thrown at them.

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Erito Authentic Asian Porn Discount

January 12th, 2016


So whats the best place to find real Japanese, Korean and Asian porn? For me it has to be Erito, this is the number one place to find authentic girls who love fucking on camera. I always get a laugh when I watch Asian girls having sex, the amount of screaming they do is fucking hot. The girls at Erito are here to please, the full length videos are amazing, I also love getting full access to the network with just the one password.

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Tight Pussy Asian Porn Reviews

June 29th, 2015

Wet Japan Swimsuit

If I was to ask you to conjure in your mind the naughtiest Asian sites you have ever been to I am sure you would have those crazy Japanese and Thai girls on your mind. Reason being is painfully obvious, and I say painful because the mere thought of it makes your cock throb. These are the girls with the tightest looking pussies!

It is no secret that Asian girls are typically petite in both size and stature. Their little boobies are perky even when they are over the hill. Half of the time you don’t even know if an Asian girl is eighteen or thirty-eight. They hold their youth so well.

With Asian porn site reviews like Thai Hookers, Wet Japan Swimsuit and Japan Spandex Fuck Vids you can be assured that there will be plenty of Asian tight pussies to be had on Porn World!

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May 30th, 2015


Up until now I had never heard of Japan HD, Stiffia or Porn Discounts. Boy do I wish i had. These three sites are teaming up to give you a deal on porn you can’t pass up.

Stiffia is a porn network that creates sites that don’t suck. Their brand of porn is a bit on the gonzo side, as you can see from the picture above. They don’t give a fuck about offending people. All they care about is satisfying their members’ needs. And right now you have a lump in your pants and they can help you with it by giving you a 76% off discount to Japan HD.

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Get Wicked Asian Porn From The Best Pay Porn Sites

December 21st, 2014

Jayna oso Asa Akira

When you think of a large production house like Wicked Pictures you probably don’t think much about the Asian niche. That is probably because they have so many movies with typical blondes and busty brunettes that the Asian babes like Asa Akira and Jayna Oso get lost in the mix. With over 1,100 girls there are dozens of Asian pornstars and hundreds of Asian titles in the Wicked catalog. It is about time you experienced the best pay porn sites with Asian actresses in them!

Like most people living in the world today you have a budget. Being a man it includes porn. Porn budgets are like gambling budgets. You never really set it in stone except for a hard number you don’t want to go over and even then you are wishy-washy on sticking to it.

That is where BestPayPornSite.com comes in. They will keep you on track by giving you the inside scoop on the best porn sites in the industry. You can safely say that if it isn’t on their radar it is because the site sucks, it’s content sucks, it’s billing practices suck or all of the above.

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Me And My Asian Ex-GF

June 22nd, 2013


Asian girls are taught by their parents to be very respectful of themselves and others. That is why they never take suggestive photos of themselves with their schoolgirl uniform on and the skirt hiked up. That would be very disrespectful. They also never send such photos to their boyfriends because they know once they break up it is revenge time.

Yeah right!


At Me and My Asian you can download all of the photos girls post of themselves or their ex-boyfriends post to get back at them. More and more often the girls are the ones posting their own photos. I guess they want to see what people will think of them.

The site gives you access to other sites in the network like Watch My GF. It is like a torrential rain of non-stop jailbait photos and naughty pics coming to your inbox and it is all legal. They don’t have any pics of underage girls with their clothes off.

See for yourself!

Me And My Asian Letting The Boobs Out

January 8th, 2013


When young white girls take naughty pictures of themselves for their boyfriends it is one thing. When Asian girls do so it is a whole different bag of bones. Asian parents have been known to disown their daughters over these kinds of scandals.

Me and My Asian receives daily updates of hot Asian teens. Some girls get naked while others are able to successfully tease the cum from your cock without even removing a stich of clothing.

At first the photos were uploaded by ex-boyfriends or guys who received them from a buddy. Now the girls are getting into the act of uploading their own pics. Many of their uploads include entire series of pics. Crazy Asian sluts!

Adult Sex Toys From Singapore

January 3rd, 2013


Have you ever wondered where Asian porn sites get all of those crazy adult sex toys they use? It seems every JAV episode showcases at least four or five vibrators like the Hitachi, the Rabbit or some other crazy device to tickle a girls pussy with. As it turns out, they get their vibrators from the home of all things exotic: Singapore!

Now you can enjoy recreating the zany stuff you see in your favorite JAV porn. All vibrators and dildos are made of safe silicone that is of medical grade making them hypoallergenic for her private parts.

Feel secure in knowing your shipment will arrive in a plain brown box so even your most nosey neighbors won’t know what you and your Asian crush are doing once the red light is on.

Make sure to bookmark ToyOrgasmic.com as they are always adding more products to their already vast selection of adult sex toys. Plus, to get you and yours in the proper mood for Valentine’s Day prices have been slashed across the board from their already low-low levels.

You have run out of excuses. Now it is time to man up and control your destiny, as well as, your little China girl!

Me and My Asian Front Seat Blowjob

October 1st, 2012


This hot pic is from one of my all time favorite sites called Me and My Asian. They take submissions from hot Asian teens with too much sexuality and not enough sense to know any better.


Me and My Asian is filled with candid Asian pics of girls in all states of dress. I particularly like the nude ones and I am 100% sure you will too!

88 Square Asian Nymph

August 24th, 2012


I have a fondness for 88 Square. It could be that the site is filled with a lot of Asian nymphs like the one above. Sure, a lot of sites have Asian teens, but this place makes them special. If you know what I mean!

88 Square opened eight short years ago. I say short even though in Internet years that is a long time because when the girls are this cute time just flies right on by.

With so much time underneath the belt 88 Square has over 200 models in over 700 videos. These aren’t the pixelated censored videos many other Asian sites have. At 88 Square you get to see it all!

As a member of 88 Square you get access to all of their other sites. Take the tour and check the bottom of the page for the entire list!

Asian Teen Rusya

July 31st, 2012


So what if I Heart Babes isn’t packed with Asian teens. Just having Rusya is plenty enough for me. I saw her in the tour and a few seconds later… I was a member!

The members area is populated with a ton of non-Asian girls you might have seen before like Cierra Spice and Aston Richards. While I have to admit I rubbed one off on each of them the second day as a member, I saved all of my sperm for Rusya that first day!



So what does this Asian teen have that others don’t? How can one Asian girl anchor an entire site? Well, it isn’t that she has huge tits. Like most Asian girls she has small ones.

No… It was her pussy. She has one of the hottest, smoothest, pinkest Asian pussies I have ever seen. Her lips are like pink rose petals!




I spent all night and into the morning dreaming of creaming inside her Asian pussy!

I Heart Babes has a strange update schedule. Some months they update several times a week and others several times a month. But when it does update, the new photos and videos are plenty worth the wait!

Sex Asian 18

June 8th, 2012


Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Sex Asian 18 is loaded with both high resolution photos and HD videos. They have been online for six long years with daily updates!

What do all of those tricky numbers mean? Even more numbers!

Sex Asian 18 has thousands of DVD quality movies. Whole movies. Entire movies. Not annoying baby clips! Each movie can be downloaded or streamed. Movies are encoded for computers, Internet ready HDTV’s and cellphones including iPhones!

Keep tabs on all of your favorite AV Idols including Kokomi Naruse above! Every one of your favorite Asian Video actresses is at Sex Asian 18!

What? Even the MILF ones with big milky tits?

Yeah, silly! They cover every category of AV Porn ever made!

Asian Teen In the Shower

November 19th, 2011


Tune the fuck in Tokyo!

I used to have a picture very similar to this one. Hot Asian teen in the shower so crisp and clear you could make out each water droplet. Then I lost it in a move. Fuck me!

Oh well… Now I have literally tens of thousands of these pics with my membership to Me and My Asian. So I guess you could say I made out like a bandit! An Asian voyeur bandit!

Me and My Asian – Singaporean Chick

September 13th, 2011


Me and My Asian depicts amateur Asian Teens who either took a picture for their boyfriends or had their picture taken by their boyfriends.  I don’t care either way because the results are the same, one gets mad at the other and beautiful naked pictures are posted.

Me and My Asian is one of the more popular amateur sites around, which means you get the hotter chicks on it.  Popularity is key when it comes to having individuals post pictures, so see what popularity feels like and join Me and My Asian today.

Young Asian GFs Candid Pics

September 8th, 2011


If there is one thing I know about the typical Asian parents it is that they don’t soon forget. That kind of sucks because it means the girl above is certainly going to be grounded for taking this "unflattering" photo of herself and sending it to her boyfriend.

There are tons and tons of Asian teens sending sexting pics these days. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Asians enjoy technology. They always have the best digital cameras, phones with all of the bells and whistles… Honestly, didn’t any of the adults see this shit coming from a mile away?


Oh yeah… You just kissed away your trust fund there, young lady! Now dad has to endure the obnoxiousness of his co-workers as they trade your candid boobs photos at the water cooler!

Keep going though… We here at Asian Teen Idols love you!

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