Asian Idol Jiji

December 14th, 2011


I have a thing for Asian idols. My friends call it the yellow fever or the Asian persuasion. I can’t help it. Ever since I was a kid I thought the Asian girls in my class were ten times hotter than any other race.

One thing I began to notice about the Asian teens I was dating back in high school is that, for the most part, their moms all looked like they were barely old enough to be in college!

That was a deal sealer for me. Hey, I watched The Breakfast Club. I know it is important to look at a girl’s mother before you commit. Even skinny girls can end up being fat girls when they are forty!

Jiji isn’t fat and I doubt she ever will be. This Asian teen has some very perky A-Cup boobies and they will always stand at attention. No at-ease here, sir!

Total Super Cuties isn’t loaded with Asian teens by any means, but the few it does have are Total Super Cuties!