American Asian Girls – Charmane and Selena

October 6th, 2011


Asian American Girls has some of the sexiest Asian American Girls on the net today, here are just two examples.  First there is Charmane Star, just fucking gorgeous, who cares what nationality she is, hell who cares is she used to be a man.  She is that sexy.  That perfectly toned body and beautiful face, where can you go wrong here.  Now she does have the tail of two pussies, this picture of her pussy mound is pure perfection, but she does have a little flappiness on her lips, very little I am still in love with it just not the same level of perfection.


Now Selena is a different story, she looks every bit Chinese through and through, funny thing about her tits though.  I usually am not a fan of fake tits on younger girls, but their is something about they way her nipples were set in opposite directions that brings me to like Selena from American Asian Girls.  She is definitely a hot looking Chinese chick, nice body and pretty face with a meaty pussy, but those north and south nipples are what make me want to fuck this girl.  Don’t know why, but I will go with it.

Asian American Girls – Ariel Sweet

October 6th, 2011


When it comes to Asian Teens everyone has their own preference.  Whether you like the thin look of Chinese Girls, the rounder opposite in the Japanese Girls, or your Korean girls who are a mixture.  It is those preferences that we look for when  searching for our Asian Teens, well here is a a brand of of Asian Girls that was becoming more popular when I was in the Military, that is American Asian Girls (we called the Amer-asian).

There is something about mixing Asian and American, doesn’t matter if it is black, white, or hispanic it looks fucking good, look at Ariel Sweet one of the girls from American Asian Girls.  Wouldn’t you like to eat something Sweet today.