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December 28th, 2021

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Asian Teens Tease & Fuck Hard Cock

October 28th, 2017

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Save 33% On Japanese School Girls

July 11th, 2015

Japanese School Girls

The Japanese are masters at making their nation’s girls look like the sexiest little nubile goddesses on the Earth. But did you know that they are also good at origami? And that origami is a good way to take a piece of paper and make it much smaller and cuter than it was before?

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Crazy Japanese Hidden Camera Video

July 3rd, 2013


The Japanese are awesome. They are always finding new ways to one-up the competition. One thing they do very well is capture upskirt videos in some pretty insane ways. They will do all sorts of stuff like rig a Hello Kitty video game with hidden cameras to look up unsuspecting schoolgirl’s skirts. They also do stuff like put hidden cameras on the floors and seats inside photo booths. Girls always go into those without thinking about modesty. Plus they are built so small that three girls in there at once is going to show a lot of Asian teen panties.

With just your cell phone or a tablet you can start streaming high quality videos from the XNXX mobile porn library. There are hundreds of thousands of videos. Some are high production and others are homemade like this one. No matter how they were produced they are always hot and free.

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Me And My Asian Ex-GF

June 22nd, 2013


Asian girls are taught by their parents to be very respectful of themselves and others. That is why they never take suggestive photos of themselves with their schoolgirl uniform on and the skirt hiked up. That would be very disrespectful. They also never send such photos to their boyfriends because they know once they break up it is revenge time.

Yeah right!


At Me and My Asian you can download all of the photos girls post of themselves or their ex-boyfriends post to get back at them. More and more often the girls are the ones posting their own photos. I guess they want to see what people will think of them.

The site gives you access to other sites in the network like Watch My GF. It is like a torrential rain of non-stop jailbait photos and naughty pics coming to your inbox and it is all legal. They don’t have any pics of underage girls with their clothes off.

See for yourself!

Asian Schoolgirl Brooke Milano Sex Video

November 7th, 2012

Brooke Milano - Free Videos Adult Sex Tube - BedRoomMedia

You have to admit that as far as free porn videos go this screen shot is pretty damn clear. If I can pull a screen shot of the action that looks this good you have to imagine the video itself was better than some DVDs!

If you have a hankering for Asian teens I have the ultimate hookup. They update daily and they have long videos that don’t leave you yearning for more. Their Asian niche selection is out of this world.

Click on hot Asian teen pornstar Brooke Milano’s video still above and watch her seduce her instructor before obtaining the easy "A" with high marks for effort and participation. Then check out their Asian category for more schoolgirls than you can shake a stick at.

G-Queen Ran Nagayama

June 1st, 2012


Ever heard of G-Queen? This is one of my favorite Asian teen sites… ever!

I was a big fan of an American teen site named ALS Scan. The premise of the site was that All Ladies were Shaved. At G-Queen all of the Asian teens are shaved down to what they had when God made them.

Girls lick each other, prod each other, get groped, have things inserted into their pussies and more. Most everything is shot in extreme close ups and in extreme HD!

If you like schoolgirls, bondage, forced insertion, or just about any other micro niche made popular in Japan this site will be right up your alley!

Asian American Girls – Ariel Sweet

October 6th, 2011


When it comes to Asian Teens everyone has their own preference.  Whether you like the thin look of Chinese Girls, the rounder opposite in the Japanese Girls, or your Korean girls who are a mixture.  It is those preferences that we look for when  searching for our Asian Teens, well here is a a brand of of Asian Girls that was becoming more popular when I was in the Military, that is American Asian Girls (we called the Amer-asian).

There is something about mixing Asian and American, doesn’t matter if it is black, white, or hispanic it looks fucking good, look at Ariel Sweet one of the girls from American Asian Girls.  Wouldn’t you like to eat something Sweet today.   

Oriental Orgy – Niya

September 17th, 2011


I don’t know exactly what it is but I am absolutely infatuated with Niya, she is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  Oriental Orgy features a lot of American Asian looking chicks which I appreciate but it is Niya who is capturing my imagination.


The sexiest pic I have seen of Niya is of her in her panties and with her boobs exposed.  It is also at Oriental Orgy, I will make you look for that one.  This time I decided to go in a naughtier direction, I hope you appreciate this Asian Teen.

Sasha Yung – Asian Schoolgirl

March 22nd, 2011

Sasha Yung2 Sasha Yung_schoolgirl

While I labeled this Asian schoolgirl, Sasha Yung can be anything you want her to be. She just opened her brand new site and already the response is amazing!

Sasha Yung is the offspring of a Chinese/Filipino mother and an All-American dad. I have to say, I really like these kinds of mixes. The daughters always turn out super freaking hawt!

Like most Asian teens Sasha has learned the art of keeping a man happy. She knows all of the ways a good girl can please a man. She loves to play dress up to keep things kinky and explosive in bed!

Take the tour and explore her uncharted waters!

Me and My Asian – Horny Asian Babe

September 7th, 2010


One of the most intriguing things about sites like Me and My Asian, is trying to figure out the background.  This is clearly a bathroom, and it is obviously mommy and daddy’s house.  Why else would she be in the bathroom, door locks and people normally leave you alone.

So back to our search, does this bathroom look familiar.  I have many Asian friends and yes I want to fuck all of their daughters and wives, so I reference these pictures from Me and My Asian often to compare them to my friends houses.  There is no more leverage than telling an Asian Teen that you can make an arrangement so her daddy doesn’t find out about her pictures, this works with Asian wives as well. 

So get your membership today to Me and My Asian and begin your Asian Teen pussy conquest today.

Oriental Orgy – Bella Ling

July 4th, 2010


As many of you I spend a lot of time searching for that perfect Asian Teen to finish my day with, so I come across Bella Ling at Oriental Orgy.

My first thought is she is nice looking…  But my personal preference is a mixed American Asian looking chick…  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Asian Teens of all varieties, but when I am looking to finish that is my choice. 

So back to my searching, I am visiting this site called Oriental Orgy, they have all kinds of the chicks I am looking for Keanna, Nadi, and Tia Tanaka who is my favorite Asian. But when I came across Bella Ling, I decided to click the gallery which I normally wouldn’t when in finishing mode.  I found this picture an the found love. 

This picture makes want to go to the local strip/sports bar and shoot some pool with my local masseuse.  Oriental Orgy has broaden my horizon, it can broaden yours.

Thai Girls Wild – Flexible Jar

June 22nd, 2010


Now here is a Jar I would like to open up, this sexy little Asian Teen does it all at Thai Girls Wild.  I have been to many different countries in Southeast Asia and banged ever flavor you can imagine.

But Thai Girls Wild has the most exotic looking Asian Teens around, Jar is no exception.  I spent the majority of my time in Korea so Korean girls definitely have a special place in my pants I mean heart.  I really love Japanese girls who out of the Asian varieties have the most banging bodies, it is the Thai girls that always intrigued me.

So if you are a connoisseur of Asian Teen delights as I am, I dare you to go to this sight and tell me that Thai Girls Wild are not at least a little higher on your list now for the sexiest Asian Teens.

Unseen Japan – ASAMI

May 11th, 2010


Asami is the reason that I have this personal preference for Asian Teens.  When I was a young man I watched a lot of Saturday Kung Fu movies, and granted for all of you out there did as well…  Yes, they were mainly Chinese Boxer movies.  But every now and then they had Samurai movies, I did not prefer the Samurai fighting technique, but I always wanted to fuck their wife.

I just can’t get enough of that milky white skin, they way they wear their hair up with the strands partially covering their face.  They always made a big deal about the fresh new young Japan Idol (Geisha), I was doomed at a young age.  I would masturbate to the scenes when they always striped that young Unseen Japan treasure.  When they would show we had hair pie, always dark carpet waiting for you.

Little did I know, this personal affinity would never go away.  I have had many pleasures of young Japan Idols in my life.  But I would say Asami would be my best, I love those young little pokies she has, that beautiful dark mohawk’d pussy.  Unseen Japan delivers when it comes to having the sexiest little Asian Teens around.  So pull out your best fighting stance and stroke it at Unseen Japan today.  

Thai Girls Gone Wild – Eaw

April 9th, 2010


Eaw is right, look at this tiny little fuck slut.  Those little titties… nice little ass…  Oh sooo tight Asian Teen pussy.

Come and bang this chick at Thai Girls Gone Wild, she has that look and body that makes you feel ashamed to be looking at it.  But in this case it is OK by the laws of man, so spank it like you mean it. 

Is there any thing you can think of that would be better than having a 75 lb Asian Teen swallowing your cock?  Letting you split that tight teen pussy and stretch it to new limits of course.

If you have an affinity for tiny little Asians, then Thai Girls Gone Wild is the place for you.  You get Real teen self shots…  Real Thai teen girlfriends…  Thai teen creampies… and some of the best hard core fucking of tiny teen Asian girls you will see.