Asian Teen Pictures Club

January 14th, 2009 -by- Rhino


With Christmas having past there are a lot of teenage Asian girls with cameras. Those girls like to take pictures of themselves wearing bikinis, panties, next to nothing and often nothing at all!

Asian Teen Pictures Club is where all of these pictures eventually end up. You used to have to add a few candid Asian pics or videos to gain access to the collection, but now there is an easier way… Especially if you don’t have a convenient way of getting candid Asian pics.

For just under $30 you can access the Asian Teen Pictures Club members area along with the members areas for the Ebony club, the POV facials club and the general amateurs candid pics club too.

These sites are updated daily with new pics and videos. Everything is categorized so you can find the particular flavor of Asian doing the particular sex act you are interested in.

Finding candid, amateur Asian porn couldn’t get any easier!

Teen Filipina

January 5th, 2009 -by- Rhino


You most likely got here by searching for something like Asian preteen (which we don’t do) or Asian puffy nipples, which we do, do. No matter how you got here it is time to review Teen Filipina. They have all of your Asian teen needs covered. So long as they are Filipina Asian teen needs…

I am not going to pretend that I don’t know why guys like these kinds of sites and neither should you. Guys like them because the Asian girls on them look a lot younger than they are. And who among us wouldn’t want to bang a barely legal Teen Filipina?

Teen Filipina updates daily with fresh new Filipina girls. When I say fresh I mean barely legal. In addition to the Filipina girls they now have Thais too! And since everything is being shot in the gutter of the world, it is as hardcore and filthy as being there in real life!

Joon Mali

December 11th, 2008 -by- Rhino


When you think, “Asian Idol”, certain attributes come to mind. Small tits, almond eyes, youthful appearanceBubble butt… Bubble what?

Joon Mali is just about the only Asian Idol around with a bubble butt. While her boobs and the majority of her body conform to the norm, her booty is bootylicious!

Right after her Bubble Butt, Joon Mali is well known for her camel toe pics. It seems her shaved pussy has an undying hunger for her panties and bikini bottoms. updates weekly with new pics and videos. She has lots of candid pics in her diary entries and members get to Email Joon. Be a nice guy with her, she is still learning English. Of course, that is the sexiest part about talking to this Thai teen!

Manila Amateurs – Girls Kissing

November 30th, 2008 -by- Rhino


Who doesn’t like pics of girls kissing?

Manila Amateurs has plenty of pics of girls kissing and more. If you have a favorite Asian fantasy this site is going to deliver it to you many times over.

Do you like Asian schoolgirls? There are dozens of pics and videos of Asian schoolgirls masturbating, having lesbian sex after class and getting poked in every orifice.

Only Manila Amateurs features real girls instead of sluts from the bar. These girls are making porn for the first time and it shows. You almost feel like you are getting a virgin here!

Most of the girls are barely legal looking. Their boobs are so small and pert and their skin is so soft you wouldn’t last more than a minute inside one of these girls.

Take the tour and continue it a few pages deep. I swear this site just gets better and better the deeper you go. Members of Manila Amateurs get all of the Pinays they can handle plus access to two more multi-model sites, Bangkok Amateurs and Lot of Models.


Ryo Shinohara

November 11th, 2008 -by- Rhino

Ryo Shinohara 

The Japanese really know how to do porn right. They created the Asian Idol. A hot and sexy young female with a cute face and a petite body. She looks so damn innocent that you want to take her home and care for her. She is like a cute little kitten.

The Japanese also created Bukkake (ブッカケ). At they meld these two niches together into one mega-site with everything the Japanese Adult Videos (JAV) lover could ever want.

Girls like Ryo Shinohara above are what this site is all about. She looks so sweet and innocent until you watch her drinking cum like it is Kool-Aid.

The Asian Idols at Idols69 do a lot of dressing up. Each girl usually does several photo sets and videos in more than one niche. So you might see Ryo as a schoolgirl in one set and then a dominant cop-bitch in a BDSM video.

All of the content on Idols 69 is tagged with keywords so you can find exactly what you want easier. If you are looking for hairless pussies, tied up with big tits you get a few hundred sets and videos to choose from. No more long expeditions trying to find something you are even remotely interested in.

You can sample Idols 69 for 2 days for only $2.95 with no worries about canceling. Should you decide to cancel you can do so online. There are none of those annoying pre-checked trials to other sites on the join form. Idols 69 makes its money by selling you the best JAV porn available, not by screwing you over.

There are no download limits at and you get to keep each video for life with no digital rights management. You download it, it is yours even after you cancel. Stop looking for the right Asian Idols site. You just found it!

Sweet Chelsea Co

October 24th, 2008 -by- Rhino

This Japanese babe has the best of both worlds working for her. She looks young enough to satisfy the barely legal, Asian idol crowd and yet has the hips of a woman. I could play with her ass for years and never get bored of it.

Chelsea Co got her start doing modeling for calendars and eventually those led to taking her top off. It didn’t take her long to realize that taking that top off makes her more money and is a whole lot of fun. Eventually Chelsea Fujiwawa (her real name) made her way into Lowrider and then on to Playboy!

You can catch weekly updates on of her newest pics and videos. Sweet Chelsea Co is indeed a sweetheart so her site is softcore only. At only $19.95 you could say this site is a steal of a deal because you get her personal Email address to talk to Chelsea about whatever is on your mind!

Hina Sakuraba

October 14th, 2008 -by- Rhino

Hina Sakuraba
People ask me how I find hot Asian Idols and I have to say, I don’t find them, they find me!

I was surfing a friends blog today and came across Hina Sakuraba. Her beauty practically jumped out at me. She is a fine example of why Asian idols have such a large audience. Hina has the hair of a doll. Perfect in every way. Her face defies time itself. We could come back to her when she is 40 years old and she would still look the same.

Having a good Asian idols site takes more than just good looking girls. You have to have a quality photographer to capture those girls and no one capture an Asian teens beauty better than Yasushi Rikitake. This guy is a master of the art of photography!

Each image at Girls Planet is shot in extremely high resolution. To do this you need a flawless model and quality equipment. Girls Planet utilizes both. has many free samples of this guys work. Yeah, his web sites name is different than his domains name. He is Japanese. Give him a break!

Anyway, any fan of Asian idols will be a fan of the Asian Idols King, Yasushi Rikitake!

Yuuna Momose

October 10th, 2008 -by- Rhino

Asian Idols like Yuuna Momose above cover two different bases. On one base she has the looks of a Japanese import model. Her figure is petite and would look great in a mini-dress. On the other base she is a JAV porn star. Not only does she look good, she also fucks good too!

Japanese girls really know how to put on a show and Yuuna Momose is a showgirl. In her videos she loves to play the part of an innocent schoolgirl and a servant office girl.

Try XVN.EU for all of your Asian Idol needs. Right now you can save up to 70% off!

Francine Dee – Import Queen

October 3rd, 2008 -by-

For you guys who love glamour models that are Asian. Francine Dee is a special treat for anyone. My friend told me you gotta check this babe out on the net. She is a bitchin hot Asian babe. I told him I am not even into Asians girls.  So with some pushing he showed her site to me, and wow what a great looking face awesome figure that I generally don’t see on Asian women. And I obviously have to mention her perfect full breasts. How often do you see big tits like hers on an Asian women. With Asian models like Francine Dee I am definitely putting Asian Babes on my list of preferred viewing.

A little info on Francine Dee, At twenty years old she started modeling. Her first modeling jobs were calendar shoots. It was when she did the her calendar shoot for Pacific Coast Happas that introduced her to the import scene. The company was promoting it at car shows events. Because of the great response she received is why she knew modeling was for her.  When Francine Dee made a name for herself was when she got into glamour photography working with different magazines. Francine Dee is now the Queen of the import scene.

Now Francine Dee how her own website named after her that has many features to really get to know this Asian model. Some features include Live chat, house cams, video blog, personal journal, and many others. Just come on in take the tour and check out all the features available. Absolutely her best part of her site is the photos, with fashion clothes and the best pics are definitely her nude ones. So don’t forget your Francine Dee full access pass of all  this live action for mere $24.95 a month.

Leah Dizon

September 29th, 2008 -by- Rhino

Born in Las Vegas this pop queen is currently living it up in Japan. Leah Dizon is part Chinese, Filipino and French. At twenty-two years old Leah has already lived a storied life.

Leah Dizon got her start in modeling at car shows. She became increasingly popular in East Asia and was offered a modeling deal in Japan which she accepted. Leah has shot two photo books, both of which have become hugely successful.

In addition to her looks, Leah Dizon is known for her singing talents. She has released several hits that have made it to the top ten of the Oricon charts.

Own a piece of the J-POP diva Leah Dizon at Amazon!

Yummi Lee

September 19th, 2008 -by- Rhino

yummi lee
When it comes to Asian Idols I have only two requirements. They should be hot and they should get naked. Yummi Lee covers both of these requirements.

Yummi has some exotic almond eyes with high cheek bones that scream, "Fuck me, sailor!" While those two aren’t requirements they go a long way to fulfilling requirement #1.

Being an Asian Idol, Yummi enjoys wearing just about everything her parents fear the most. Short skirts, mini dresses, high heels, higher heels, thongs, bikinis, micro bikinis… You name it and she is wearing it.

Yummi Lee is interactive with her fans and takes requests for them, as well as, wears clothing sent in by her fans. She updates her site weekly and even includes the iPOD format so you can watch Yummi at your discretion.

Many of Yummi’s videos feature her masturbating with fingers and toys and some include her getting sexy with her girlfriends. Members of get access to an entire network of sites. Read more by checking out the Yummi Lee tour and scrolling to the bottom.

Manila Amateurs

September 10th, 2008 -by- Rhino

manila amateurs
Girls from each country in Asian have certain qualities that draw in American perverts looking to get laid. In the Philippines that quality is their curves. Girls from Manila Amateurs have plenty of curves.

Each guy has his own reasons for lusting over the Filipino curves. For some it is that the curves make the girls look younger. There is not a lot of difference in the bust, hips and thighs. You could say that Ann above looks like a compact little cherub waiting to get laid.

Out of all of the Asian girls differences I would have to say the Manila Amateurs have the best asses. Ann has something you can grip on to. Once locked and engaged this hot little number isn’t going anywhere!

There are over 70 models at Manila Amateurs. Each one has her own set of curves and I am sure you can find a few dozen with the curves you are craving. Members also get access to Manila Amateurs sister sites, Lot of Models and Bangkok Amateurs.

JAV HQ – Yui Minami

September 5th, 2008 -by- Rhino

Yui Minami Handjob
When God made Japanese girls he intended for them to have a cock in their hands. Girls like Yui Minami have small hands so even the shortest cock can take both of them. A big ego boost for anyone. has plenty of girls like Yui Minami. Girls that lack inhibitions. Nothing is taboo here!

I am just reading the introduction to another girl, Maho Aizawa, and I have to say… This site is chock full of hot Asian Teen Idols that like to please their man.

The videos are all shot in high definition. When you see the clarity of the screen grabs on the tour at JAV HQ you are instantly aware of just how crystal clear the full length videos will be.

Yui Minami Cum Hands
Looks like Yui finished her task of getting dirty… Now it is time to watch her clean those hands up with her tongue. But for that you are going to need a membership!

JSex Network – Yu Ayanami

August 14th, 2008 -by- Rhino

Does American Idol have Japanese Schoolgirls like Yu Ayanami?

No… they don’t!

So fuck them and tune into the JSex Network!

At you can count on multiple updates coming in daily. Not the same Asian Idols coming in over and over again like most American sites do it. Japanese pornographers know how to spice things up, spread things out and give you a smorgasbord of quality Asian Idols to look at.

I am not even sure how much porn this fucking place has because it is so fucking big and often does 5 or 6 updates a day!

JSexNetwork is like eleven sites all rolled into one. You get full length downloadable JAV movies. You get the Idols directory where you can check out everything an Asian Idol has done all in one place and read in depth interviews and bios. Want to whack in a hurry? Watch the Midnight AV Clips which are all sorted into niches so you can quickly find what you are looking for. The Gravure Photos section is crammed full of high quality, high resolution, original photo shoots of all of your favorite Asian Idols and AV models.

Breath… The Amateur Edition section finds girls to fuck off the street. Think Bangbus only it is Japanese style. Urabon Mania targets candid photos from members uploaded private collections. The list goes on and on…

No matter what niche you want you will find it here on the JSexNetwork. Movies are in DIVx, MPEG & WMV. JSexNetwork uses six different network providers in different parts of the world so your downloads are guaranteed to be fast. And best of all, no digital rights management. Everything you download is yours to keep!

Thainee – Asian Lolita

August 1st, 2008 -by- Rhino

Her name is a play on her nationality and her size. Thainee is from Thailand and she is tiny. Standing at only four foot five inches this Asian lolita weighs in at only 72lbs! Talk about having a shorty around to sex with, Thainee is a lolita fans dream come true.

There have been a lot of girls coming out of the Orient making some damn good sites but I have to say this girl goes the extra distance. She leaves nothing to the imagination.

Thainee does hardcore, softcore and everything in between. Along with the usual hot Thai teen in a bikini you also gets lots of Cosplay (Costume Play). If you thought French Maids were the shit, you haven’t seen anything yet. Asian teen idols like Thainee took Cosplay to a whole new level.

For those that don’t know Asian lolita means legal girls dressing up in costumes. Looks like the Asians are taking back the word that Roman Polanski screwed up and turned around to mean something else.

If you ever went to Thailand to fuck some innocent Asian lolita you will love She loves to be tossed around like a rag doll. She grew up in a society where pleasing men gives you your sense of worth. The happier you are banging this babe the happier she is to make you happy.