Kina Kai

July 20th, 2011 -by- Rhino


Its weird… You see a blonde white girl smoking and you think to yourself, stupid, naive girl… But when you see an Asian hottie like Kina Kai smoking you think, damn, this girl knows something… She is on to something… I need to get into her pants!


Kina Kai is not only a hot Asian model, she is an artist. Every one of her sets features her expressing herself to her fans. From boots to spanking, this girl is all about experimen-tation!

You won’t find a Filipina model more in tune with her members. As a member you can make requests, buy props, buy costumes and have Kina sign them for you. She talk to her members and considers her site more of a community than a porn site.

In fact, Kina Kai doesn’t consider getting naked porn, she considers it a lifestyle.

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