Broke Back Asians

July 9th, 2009 -by- Rhino


You know, it is funny how tits can make just about any girl turn bisexual in three seconds or less. Chicks always talk about how disgusting it is when guys talk to their tits instead of their eyes and I have to say, I catch those bitches doing it all the fucking time!

Truth is, chicks are just as curious about other chicks boobs as guys are. I once had a girlfriend with Double-D tits and guess what? Do you think she was satisfied and able to leave other chicks tits alone? Fuck no! She had a bigger groping fetish than a drunken Irish sailor on leave after six months at sea!

So back to the matter at hand… pun definitely intended!

Above we have two girls that decide to fill each other up at the pool in their gym. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know their fingers are wandering downtown to check the oil.

Of course fingers are never enough when it comes to fondling a nice hard Japanese body so they switch to tongues. How else did you expect them to get a taste of some sweet Japanese pussy?

Watch the videos man… I ain’t making this shit up!

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Peace out!