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January 27th, 2015 -by- Rhino

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Is it gay because she has a bigger cock than you? Is it gay because one of her nuts is balled up bigger than your first? Absolutely not!

Wendy Wang is a hot Futanari girl. These are girls who are born a hermaphrodite. Only with this example Wendy is obviously using a strap on dildo. Since there are no real cocks involved you can feel free to jerk off to this strange porn concept.

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Asian Gymnast In Tiny Leotard

January 13th, 2015 -by- Rhino

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Asian Gymnast Gets Seduced By Instructor. This video is offered free from hardcoreinhd.com

If there is one thing the Asian porn industry has over the US it is the ability to portray a girl who truly does not want to have sex, but is forced into it. This could be because of the fact that US laws against forced sex are so strong nobody wants to be seen as the guy who promoted rape. But with the help of the Japanese and other parts of Asia this version of events can still be promoted in a lighthearted way.

Watch this hot Asian babe stretching and twisting in her tiny leotard. You can see her pussy straining underneath as it tries to break the thin confines. She eventually has a visitor who is more interested in helping her pussy out than he is watching the show before him.

Kinky Korean Slut Spanks Herself

January 5th, 2015 -by- Rhino

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Kinky Korean girl spanks her ass

Tired of banging her boyfriend’s bongo drum this Asian slut decides to spank herself. The video is about 15 minutes long and in it you get to watch this kinky Korean girl masturbating with a huge dildo she attaches to the base of the drum. Why is she doing this? Because she is a little fuck box. Her parents sheltered her for way too long. Now she is doing all of the things they tried to shield her from. Paybacks can be a bitch!

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December 21st, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Jayna oso Asa Akira

When you think of a large production house like Wicked Pictures you probably don’t think much about the Asian niche. That is probably because they have so many movies with typical blondes and busty brunettes that the Asian babes like Asa Akira and Jayna Oso get lost in the mix. With over 1,100 girls there are dozens of Asian pornstars and hundreds of Asian titles in the Wicked catalog. It is about time you experienced the best pay porn sites with Asian actresses in them!

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November 28th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Busty Asian cam iSquirt4you

Athletic Asian hottie iSquirt4you is one of those girls that get so turned on when she cums that she can’t hold back and she explodes like a volcano. She squirts and drenches everything in sight while teasing and pinching the nipples on her amazing, flawless natural boobs.

Perhaps iSquirt4you’s best feature is her big, round booty. A lot of Asian girls have small asses, but this 23-year-old hottie has some junk in her trunk and she loves to show it off in tiny little thongs or nothing at all. Like a lot of the live Asian cam girls on FapShows, iSquirt4you speaks multiple languages. She can talk dirty to you in English, French or Spanish.

During her live shows this babe likes to do whatever you want her to. She is a little submissive and likes to be directed. If you tell her to put herself face down and ass up on the bed then use her toy to please herself she will do exactly that. She also loves dressing up in hot outfits. Who doesn’t want to see a naughty Asian schoolgirl playing with herself while wearing a slutty little schoolgirl uniform?

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Check Out The Free Asian Passport

November 21st, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Sometimes I think I was born into the wrong body. No I don’t mean I think I should have been a girl. Although I wouldn’t have minded being able to doppelganger into one from time to time to shower with the ladies on the volleyball team after a match. I am talking about not being an Asian. Japanese to be specific. It seems like my sexual tastes perfectly align with their sexually deviant ways.

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True HD Asian Porn Tube

October 30th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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high quality asian porn tube

Asians know how to do porn right. Everybody knows that. They created the bukkake niche! But paying to watch good Asian porn ain’t cool. Not at all. Not when you can watch long Asian porn videos on SunPorno.com for free.

You might be skeptical of the quality since most free sites have atrocious videos. We have all seen the grainy videos that are passed around, re-encoded and look more like those blurry blobs meant to obscure naughty parts on TV than they do a porn movie. Check out this Asian girl covered in cum. Go full screen with it. It is like having her there full size in front of you waiting for your bukkake juice!

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Live Asian Idols On Porn Cams

October 24th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Evelyn Lin Cherry Pimps

Christmas is coming up, but you don’t have to wait until then to enjoy Evelyn Lin on a Live Porn cam. Treat yourself to weekly shows with a subscription to Cherry Pimps. They are elevating their game to bring you live sexcams with the best Asian porn stars you will ever see doing live shows. Along with the live videos you can give input on as they are being shot there is a whole entire catalog of past shows that will blow you away with their raw sexual volatility!

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Find A Saucy Little Asian Girl For Affairs

October 23rd, 2014 -by- Rhino

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local affairs

When I joined the Air Force I was figuring I would end up spending time in Iraq or Afghanistan, but to my surprise I ended up in Korea. While there I caught a case of the yellow fever. If you don’t know what that means, it is a condition where you need to have sex with Asian girls or you won’t feel satisfied.

By using Local Affairs XXX dating agency I am able to go online and cure myself with a dose of Asian hookup sex. The site has girls of all nationalities, but I prefer the Asian girls and they really like white dudes for some reason.

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Add To Your Asian HD Porn Collection

October 22nd, 2014 -by- Rhino

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HD asian teens

If you are looking for a low cost way to add to your Asian HD porn collection I believe I found the solution. More than a porn site this is a porn tube complete with a massive collection of teens HD porn movies.

All of the videos categorized and you can search by models to see how many scenes they have in the system. There are more European girls than any other nationality, but the Asians they do have are barely legal teen idols. Girls you would die for if given the chance.

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Asian Teen Doing A Cute Strip Tease

October 14th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Asian teen idol amateur tube video uploaded

So many sites out there have Asian content you can watch without a password or a credit card. But they all miss the mark when it comes to true amateur Asian teen idols. With MaxJizz they are changing that by accepting uploads from fans of all porn genres. While the domain suggests cumshots and facials, and they have plenty of those, the site is branching out into every other area of porn!

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Chat Live With Petite Asian Cam Girls

October 13th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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cute asian camgirls

For the better part of my life I never really thought much about Asian girls. I lived in a farming community in SoCal so the majority of girls were either Dutch farmers with blonde hair and blue eyes or Mexican girls with dark brown hair and brown eyes. We didn’t have a whole lot of Asian girls at my school and the ones we did have were butt ugly nerds.

It wasn’t until I joined the Air Force that I got interested in Asian girls. I was stationed in Korea and we would constantly get offers for sex from the local girls. I am not talking about prostitutes either. I am talking these girls wanted to be your girlfriend and they led the negotiations with, "Hey, baby, you like my punani? You want some coochie coochie? I fuck you long time and wash all of your clothes. You will like me be your girlfriend, baby!"

Needless to say I "dated" several girls and had a lot of fun banging them. Now I have a bit of a yellow fever and enjoy having some sushi once in a while. Like the real stuff it can be toxic to eat sushi too often. These girls can get crazy!

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Asian Idol Asuka Sucking Cock Porno

October 13th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Asuka XXX japan

This video http://girlsavenue.com/videos/6948/asuka-xxx-japan/ is proof that not all Asian idols are twigs. Asuka has a nice body with big tits, a wide ass and a little bit of tummy fat to let you know she is really barely legal.

Asuka takes great pride in her work. What else would you expect from a Japanese girl? When she brings her man to orgasm she lets him shoot his spunk all over her huge tits. Then she reaches down with a finger to taste the jizz he squirted all over her chest.

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Asian Nurse Gives Her Patient A Handy

August 13th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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hot asian nurse works out the knot in her patients pants

Now this is the level of care we need here in America. Hospitals charge an arm and a leg to keep you overnight. The least they could do is work out the knot in your third leg with a quick handy. Is that so much to ask? Apparently not when you are in Japan. Over there the naughty nurses love to toy around with your cock meat. Perhaps it has something to do with appeasing the volcano Gods of Mt. Fuji with big eruptions of hot sticky cum?

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