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August 17th, 2019

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October 27th, 2016


Lets be honest here, is there anything better than being able to watch peliculas porno gratis? I doubt there is and once you’ve seen the hot collection of tube sex videos that are online here you’ll know why. I’m always down to watch some Asian Teen Idols giving it up for the camera, seeing those hairy Asian girls having sex is totally fucking wicked. You guys will cum multiple times when you’re watching these teens sucking and fucking on camera.

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July 23rd, 2013

Asian cam whore AllureQUEENLucy

This right here is the real deal. AllureQUEENLucy isn’t some American born Asian actress. She is a bonafide true Asian teen looking to make your day a happier one. That is the beauty of Asians. The women strive to make men happy. It is their life’s purpose.

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While other sites try the buffet approach of having hundreds of girls from many different races, you will find only Asian babes on VipAsianCams.com.

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June 22nd, 2013


It’s amazing hot much these teen girls want to get fucked doggy and because I really wanted to show you how much they actually do, I’ve searched for a couple teen Asian porn movies and I came upon this little slut. She’s all covered in oil so her skin is shining in the spotlight, also making her ass even more hotter. You can see on this little sluts face how much she;’s enjoying that thick dick going inside her pussy while her ass cheek is getting squeezed.

I have to say that my dick is starting to get hard just because it wants to see how her pussy feels.

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March 1st, 2013


Damn, bro. You aren’t looking so hot. You feeling a bit feverish? Yellow feverish? I have the cure for your sickness. She is an Asian teen that goes by HotAsianBarbie.

She grew up in the UK and has a thing for white guys. I guess all Asian dudes look alike to her.

I found her doing a SeeMe.com webcam sex show. The site incorporates several different naughty themes into one hugely fun site. You can look at free pics chicks post of themselves. You can date girls near you. Or you can get inoculated by hot Asian teens like the once above no matter where you are in the world via webcams.

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October 31st, 2012


The beginning of a workweek can be stressful enough without some kind of distraction to cut the tension. With power outages and storm surges hitting the East Coast the stress levels of most people throughout the world is reaching all time highs.

One way I like to relieve myself of the toils that infect my mind is with some naughty sex chat. My favorite types of girls to do this with are Asians and girls with curvaceous figures. If I can get both of those in one girl? Sign me up!

Tonight I found MarissaHeart and she more than fit the mold for giving me a great time. I won’t go into what I do for a day job, but I have to make a lot of tough decisions. It was nice to let Marissa take the reins and drive for once.

This girls body is a phenom all on it’s own. Her boobs are as big as extra large oranges. Her booty is thick without being fat. Her hips make a nice hourglass. Michelangelo would be proud!


August 28th, 2012



Just when I had thought I had seen every Asian teen site out there I find Cat XOXO. This girl is hot and I do mean hot. Like, she should be a Hawaiian Tropics Girl or something!

It is odd how Asian babes always have the hottest bodies. They can be forty years old and their bodies still look like they are twenty-three. More importantly, they can be twenty-three and still look like jailbait!

CatXOXO.com has plenty of videos of this cutie and lots of photo sets. She gets wet in bikinis and panties so she also has many pics and videos with camel toe showing.

The girls in her network do live cam shows and she gives you total access to their videos and picture sets as well. It is time to dive in and see what pops up with Cat XoXo!

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August 27th, 2012


Very hot self shot porn photo of this sexy Asian teen coed girl masturbating in her dorm room. This girl had a private Photobucket account that was hacked and this is one of the hot amateur porn photos from it.

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August 24th, 2012


I have a fondness for 88 Square. It could be that the site is filled with a lot of Asian nymphs like the one above. Sure, a lot of sites have Asian teens, but this place makes them special. If you know what I mean!

88 Square opened eight short years ago. I say short even though in Internet years that is a long time because when the girls are this cute time just flies right on by.

With so much time underneath the belt 88 Square has over 200 models in over 700 videos. These aren’t the pixelated censored videos many other Asian sites have. At 88 Square you get to see it all!

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July 11th, 2012


I just found this gorgeous Asian teen girl who is very sexy. She really likes to make herself cum with her fingers on her wet pussy and I really enjoy watching this. I was watching her as she performed in her free webcam sex show and I took one photo during her private sex show.

Her nipples are so hard that I can almost feel them through the screen. I’m sure you will love it.

G-Queen Ran Nagayama

June 1st, 2012


Ever heard of G-Queen? This is one of my favorite Asian teen sites… ever!

I was a big fan of an American teen site named ALS Scan. The premise of the site was that All Ladies were Shaved. At G-Queen all of the Asian teens are shaved down to what they had when God made them.

Girls lick each other, prod each other, get groped, have things inserted into their pussies and more. Most everything is shot in extreme close ups and in extreme HD!

If you like schoolgirls, bondage, forced insertion, or just about any other micro niche made popular in Japan this site will be right up your alley!

Kat from Radiant Desire

January 10th, 2012


Radiant Desire is right!

This little nubile Asian teen is just one of the hottest teens you can expect to find at Radiant Desire. They find the cutest babes on the planet and shoot them in an artistic way. Put it all together and you end up with a sum greater than its parts!


The entire site isn’t filled with Asian teens, but the Asian girls it does have are hotties. Funny… Most Asian girls are hot. What in the fuck is up with that?

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Nubiles Natalya Asian Teen

November 26th, 2011


In her native country Natalya from Nubiles.net is what Americans would call a plain Jane. However, in America, Europe, and Russia Natalya is an exotic beauty. Isn’t it just awesome how that all works out?

Strangely enough Nubiles found this Asian teen in Russia of all places. Seems they imported her for her language skills and she enjoyed all of the flattery she received. So Natalya decided to stay!

Natalya isn’t her real name. Her real one was too hard for Russians to pronounce so they gave her a new one.

This little hottie has a cherub body and a sweet, succulent pussy that she loves to play with in her spare time. Nubiles has multiple videos of Natalya showing you the various ways she pleasures herself. They include ben-wa balls videos!

Now I am not going to lie to you and say that Nubiles is all about Asian teens. It isn’t! There are over 1000 models and three new ones are added every week. Out of the 1000 models there are a handful of Asian girls like Palova, Amai and Tai Lee.

With so many models Nubiles updates three times a day. That means new videos and pictures for you to look at in a steady stream of barely legal girls. The models do hardcore and softcore so pretty much every niche you can think of is there.

Take the Nubiles.net tour and use the search feature to get a good look at what is in store for you!

MET-ART Hits Pacific Islands

July 26th, 2011


I remember reading a story once about a woman that used to brush her clit up against things. Like Aziza from Met-Art she had a clit that protruded more out to the front than most girls down and out.

This woman said she was able to orgasm just by dancing close to her man on the dance floor or by rubbing her clit on a table edge, or on the corner of an operating washing machine.

MET-Art has thousands of models from around the world. Aziza hails from somewhere in the Pacific. In America we would consider her an Asian teen. In Asian they would consider her a Pacific Islander.

With daily updates at MET-Art you can expect to see a lot of girls from both Asian countries and the Pacific Islands. Like pre-America explorers you can spend your days sifting through the archives looking for girls that float your boat.

At Met-Art you can create portfolios so you can keep coming back to favorites. Photos are shot up to 50 megapixels. In that kind of resolution Aziza’s clit can take up your entire monitor. Did she shave or wax today? Just zoom in and you’ll have your answer in a jiffy!

Me and My Asian

June 4th, 2011


You like Asian Teens more than the next guy. Perhaps you dated one in high school, served in an Asian country in the military, or maybe you are… wait… wait for it! Asian!!!

No matter what your draw is to the Asian persuasion, Me and My Asian has thousands of amateur Asian candids and videos! They update daily and receive submissions from members and often from the girls! Some chicks will do anything to get a pair of eyes on them!


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