Sweet Chelsea Co

October 24th, 2008 -by- Rhino

This Japanese babe has the best of both worlds working for her. She looks young enough to satisfy the barely legal, Asian idol crowd and yet has the hips of a woman. I could play with her ass for years and never get bored of it.

Chelsea Co got her start doing modeling for calendars and eventually those led to taking her top off. It didn’t take her long to realize that taking that top off makes her more money and is a whole lot of fun. Eventually Chelsea Fujiwawa (her real name) made her way into Lowrider and then on to Playboy!

You can catch weekly updates on SweetChelseaCo.com of her newest pics and videos. Sweet Chelsea Co is indeed a sweetheart so her site is softcore only. At only $19.95 you could say this site is a steal of a deal because you get her personal Email address to talk to Chelsea about whatever is on your mind!