Sex Chat With A Naughty Asian Girl

October 31st, 2012 -by- Rhino


The beginning of a workweek can be stressful enough without some kind of distraction to cut the tension. With power outages and storm surges hitting the East Coast the stress levels of most people throughout the world is reaching all time highs.

One way I like to relieve myself of the toils that infect my mind is with some naughty sex chat. My favorite types of girls to do this with are Asians and girls with curvaceous figures. If I can get both of those in one girl? Sign me up!

Tonight I found MarissaHeart and she more than fit the mold for giving me a great time. I won’t go into what I do for a day job, but I have to make a lot of tough decisions. It was nice to let Marissa take the reins and drive for once.

This girls body is a phenom all on it’s own. Her boobs are as big as extra large oranges. Her booty is thick without being fat. Her hips make a nice hourglass. Michelangelo would be proud!