Sexy Eurasian Teen Sweet Kimberly

June 10th, 2013 -by- Rhino

Eurasian teen Sweet Kimberly.

I hate to bring up something as controversial as white supremacy on my Asian teen blog, but I think it is warranted being that Sweet Kimberly above is Eurasian.

Being Eurasian Kimberly has a mix of races when you trace the branches of her family tree. Those white supremacist fucks are always so big on not mixing races, but I always point to girls like Kimberly on why mixing them is a good thing. I look at old photos from the dustbowl days and I wonder how certain states like Oklahoma managed to get populated. I know I wouldn’t have fucked those ugly white skanks with their horse faces. It is no wonder why guys started looking for decent pussy outside of their own race.

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Sexy Asian Teen Cam Sexting

May 28th, 2013 -by- Rhino

Sexy Asian Teen Cam Sexting

The first rule of cam sexting with Asian teens: Don’t think about the amount of trouble the girl is going to get into when her family finds out about her transgressions against her family’s honor. The second rule? Don’t think about the amount of trouble…

Hey, I am a sucker for a live sex chat with an Asian girl. The last thing anybody wants to do is fuck up the mood with dark thoughts that linger around Asian customs and family honor. This girl might get into a lot of trouble, but no pain, no gain, right?

Besides, you are going to show her a great time and she is finally going to have fun. Or should I say have fun and have sex at the same time. Two things traditional Asian women never get to do in their lifetimes.

So I guess you can look at it as a liberating experience. You get to have some sexting on a cam with a cute Asian teen and she gets to finally breath a breath of pure freedom!

Tune In Tokyo! Tokyo Come In!

May 10th, 2013 -by- Rhino


Okay, so she isn’t actually from Tokyo. She isn’t even from Japan for that matter. This is SasaYoshino and she is a Chinese, Korean mix from Hong Kong. I think we can dispatch with the formalities now and get back to the fun.

Asian teens are a strange brew. How does God manage to pack a barrel of fun into such a tight and confined package? Hey, I guess it is one of those ancient Chinese secrets you only get to be privy to after you die.

Speaking of dying. You will feel like you have died and went to Heaven, or Nirvana, or whatever your culture sends you to, when you spend just a few minutes with Sasa. She loves to dress up in skimpy outfits and play on every Asian fetish you can muster.

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Asian Girls At Escorts and Babes

May 7th, 2013 -by- Rhino


Going to places like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to fuck Asian girls is good and all, but those places can be down right dangerous. Have you ever seen the movie The Hangover Part II? None of those places are good for foreigners. They can’t even protect their own citizens.

A better options is to enjoy yourself in a civilized society, like that of Australia’s city, Darwin, all the while enjoying the Asian girls you desire. You will be in the pleasure center without all of the danger. Just the pleasures.

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Asian Babe With Camel Toe Pussy

May 5th, 2013 -by- Rhino


This Asian teen has one heck of a sweet pussy. You just want to part those lips and investigate her further. Lick on her pink clit. Squeeze her big Asian tits. She is a full bodied Asian babe!


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Fucking My Petite Asian Teen Girlfriend

May 5th, 2013 -by- Rhino

I started dating this new Asian girl named Kelly and I am having a problem. She is super hot, but her parents are super strict. They watch us like a hawk when we are over there. I get so fucking worked up over banging her pussy that I often find myself retreating to the restroom to look up youjizz for mobile.

Another good spot to go to when I am having those Asian babe pangs is this petite asian teen sex tube. I can get my rocks off and still stay true to my one love, Kelly.

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Asian Teen Cam Girl Flashing & Bating

April 6th, 2013 -by- Rhino


While she was in school she caught a lot of flack for having a few extra pounds on her small frame. Now that she is over 18 and legal she is finding that adult men find her to be more than gorgeous. She has men asking her to marry them all day long!

I found her doing webcam chat for cash and got her to flash me her tits (with her bra still on). She was a tough cookie for sure. Usually I can talk my way into getting girls to flash me at least their naked boobs. I am not mad that she didn’t. I actually like her more now.


At first she wouldn’t believe me when I told her she looked hotter than all fuck. After me and the rest of the guys in the room really pounded it into her and relented that she, "guessed she looked pretty good." Pretty good? Shit, girl! Quit being so fucking modest!

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Thick Booty Asian Teen SexChat

April 4th, 2013 -by- Rhino


This is only the beginning of the show. In a completely free sexchat room this Asian teen began to reveal herself as the tips flowed in. Now I am sure you are thinking what is so special about that? Most webcam models do that kind of shit!

The difference at CamFuze isn’t what the models are doing, it is when they are doing it. Better yet, it is what the software is doing while they do their naughtiness.

When you go to most cam sites you end up in some free chat room where the model doesn’t do much of anything. Then if you pay to go private, which costs an arm and a leg, you get to see the good stuff. Camfuze sexchat is different because there are no private rooms. Every model is viewable for the entire dirty deed no matter if you paid to see her or not.

This site requests that users tip the models, but you don’t have to tip if you don’t want to. The nice thing about it is if you are dirt broke like me you can still watch a sexy cam show while some other guy made of money pays for it. Socialized webcam sex!

Hot Asian Babe With Cute Little Pussy

March 21st, 2013 -by- Rhino


Guys, I have found the love of my life and this time it is for real. I am going to marry this girl. Mark my words!

I have a thing for little Asian fuck boxes. Girls you can fold up and put into your back pocket once the deed is done. This tight Asian sex fiend from is smoking hot and literally fits in my back pocket. Her cute tits are perky as hell. She has this fat layer all the way around her body that makes her athletic physic look soft and cuddly. Then there is her pussy. I could eat it for a week without having to come up for air. The air down there is twice as sweet anyway.

The beginning of this video is shot point of view style. Watching her tits get man handled. You want to splooge all over your keyboard. She does a lot of talking. Super sexy and sultry voice. How… why… is this girl doing porn? Somebody needs to marry her and give her everything she could ever want in life!

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Hot Asian Barbie Doll For Webcam Sex

March 1st, 2013 -by- Rhino


Damn, bro. You aren’t looking so hot. You feeling a bit feverish? Yellow feverish? I have the cure for your sickness. She is an Asian teen that goes by HotAsianBarbie.

She grew up in the UK and has a thing for white guys. I guess all Asian dudes look alike to her.

I found her doing a webcam sex show. The site incorporates several different naughty themes into one hugely fun site. You can look at free pics chicks post of themselves. You can date girls near you. Or you can get inoculated by hot Asian teens like the once above no matter where you are in the world via webcams.

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Maria Ozawa Hardcore Video

February 21st, 2013 -by- Rhino

Just to show you how much of a shithead I am I am going to let you in on a little secret. I have been noticing that a lot of people search for Maria Ozawa, but it never really clicked in my head as to why. I mean, I know she is a good looking Asian teen, but seriously, everybody and their mother is looking for her?

For the longest time all I had ever known about this Asian idol is that she did nude photography in the greviere niche. Which is like Playboy for all of you not versed in Japanese.

So it turns out that people are looking for Maria because she also does hardcore Asian porn videos. As if hot sex in any niche wasn’t reason enough to try this site out they also have plenty of Asian videos for you to enjoy. You can find the majority of them here.

As usual, make sure to keep your stroke a happy and eventful one with a bit of lotion and a warm towel. Piece out!

Chat For Free Online With SLAVEnoLIMIT

February 15th, 2013 -by- Rhino


The free online sex chat rooms are filled with hot Asian teens of all shapes and sizes. They have the petite girls with A-cups and the full figured girls with double-D’s. Whatever you desire is yours for the taking.

One of my favorite girls is SLAVEnoLIMIT. She is from the Philippines and she likes to get really dirty. She often invites her friend over to play so you can get tag teamed by these busty beauties at the same time.

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Fucktabulous Ass On A Sweet Thai Babe

January 26th, 2013 -by- Rhino


I know what you are thinking when you first lay your eyes on Kumlai from Creampie Thais. This bitch had better be a bitch! I was thinking the same thing too. Don’t worry. There will be pussy pics later on in the post as proof of her gender.

Kumlai has a cute look. So cute in fact that it seems like Mattel should be calling and asking for their doll face back. Her small tits are very springy as most Asian teens are. One thing she has that a lot of Asian girls don’t have is a full sized bottom. Her ass is fucktabulous!


It is like fucking a black teen without all of the jive turkey!



Talking about going without… Notice her pussy is a cleft of Venus. A what? A pussy with a cleft and no protruding clit or inner lips. I would so hit that!


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Me And My Asian Letting The Boobs Out

January 8th, 2013 -by- Rhino


When young white girls take naughty pictures of themselves for their boyfriends it is one thing. When Asian girls do so it is a whole different bag of bones. Asian parents have been known to disown their daughters over these kinds of scandals.

Me and My Asian receives daily updates of hot Asian teens. Some girls get naked while others are able to successfully tease the cum from your cock without even removing a stich of clothing.

At first the photos were uploaded by ex-boyfriends or guys who received them from a buddy. Now the girls are getting into the act of uploading their own pics. Many of their uploads include entire series of pics. Crazy Asian sluts!

Adult Sex Toys From Singapore

January 3rd, 2013 -by- Rhino


Have you ever wondered where Asian porn sites get all of those crazy adult sex toys they use? It seems every JAV episode showcases at least four or five vibrators like the Hitachi, the Rabbit or some other crazy device to tickle a girls pussy with. As it turns out, they get their vibrators from the home of all things exotic: Singapore!

Now you can enjoy recreating the zany stuff you see in your favorite JAV porn. All vibrators and dildos are made of safe silicone that is of medical grade making them hypoallergenic for her private parts.

Feel secure in knowing your shipment will arrive in a plain brown box so even your most nosey neighbors won’t know what you and your Asian crush are doing once the red light is on.

Make sure to bookmark as they are always adding more products to their already vast selection of adult sex toys. Plus, to get you and yours in the proper mood for Valentine’s Day prices have been slashed across the board from their already low-low levels.

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