Fucktabulous Ass On A Sweet Thai Babe

January 26th, 2013 -by- Rhino


I know what you are thinking when you first lay your eyes on Kumlai from Creampie Thais. This bitch had better be a bitch! I was thinking the same thing too. Don’t worry. There will be pussy pics later on in the post as proof of her gender.

Kumlai has a cute look. So cute in fact that it seems like Mattel should be calling and asking for their doll face back. Her small tits are very springy as most Asian teens are. One thing she has that a lot of Asian girls don’t have is a full sized bottom. Her ass is fucktabulous!


It is like fucking a black teen without all of the jive turkey!



Talking about going without… Notice her pussy is a cleft of Venus. A what? A pussy with a cleft and no protruding clit or inner lips. I would so hit that!


Do this cute little honey and her cleft of Venus pussy a solid by joining Creampie Thais. While she would love to be doing this for charity that is not the case. Besides, she has hundreds more friends willing to spread their Thai pink for you!