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February 11th, 2019

Looking around at this asian hookup site I started to get some seriously bad urges. At first, I was only there to see what type of girls were looking for sex. Now after spending the better half of the day looking at them, I am getting some good vibes that maybe I should actually meet a few of them.

I decided to do just that and after sending out a few calls for sex it’s just a matter of sitting back and seeing who comes looking for me. It didn’t take long at all for a cute Asian girl to ask me how my day was going. Apparently, she noticed how keen I was to meet asian girls and since she wasn’t doing anything she wondered if I’d like to meet.

You bet I did just that and what a meeting it was. I could tell right from the moment she stripped naked that this wasn’t just for my pleasure. That hot asian pussy looked like it needed a big western cock to pound it deep and that’s just what it got. It’s funny how something you’ve been wanting can come around when you least expect it. Making this moment your own is what you need to do next!

Intermediate Techniques That Enable You to Master the Art of Free Local Sex Chat

August 5th, 2017

Sites that offer local sex like is an art, okay? Let’s just get that out of the way. A lot of people think that there’s some sort of science to it. A lot of guys love to believe this because hey, let’s face it, when you can reduce something into a science, it is predictable.

It can be broken down into numbers and easy to identify signals. You can break everything down into a grid and it’s nice and easy. It gives us a false sense of control and there’s a tremendous overriding sensation that we can somehow, some way, manage our destiny.

Now, you don’t have to be 100 years old to understand that this idea is a pile of shit. It is. It’s a fucking lie. The truth is, life is chaotic. The truth is, life is what happens when you’re making other plans. That’s just the way life is. And the more you try to deny it, the stronger this reality becomes.

So if you really want to master the art of free local sex chat, you just need to focus on one thing and one thing alone: believe that you’re worthy of pussy. If you’re able to do that, the world opens up to you. Really, the world opens up its legs and it is ready to buck its clitoris up against your face and fuck the shit out of you because that’s the essence of life.

It really is all about belief because once you believe, you make things possible. It doesn’t matter how many haters there are telling you that the fucking earth is flat or pumping your mind with all sorts of bullshit. None of that shit matters because if you are able to believe and you can bend reality to your will, you become the strongest man you will ever know. So tap into that unrestricted source of power.

It really is mind-blowing that we have this tremendous reservoir of power deep down inside us, but here we are, walking around like prisoners in an invisible prison with no walls. All the while, we have the keys in our hands. Truly pathetic.